Alexandra Schonfeld

Alexandra Schonfeld, a Journalism major from New York City, serves as Lifestyle Editor for ENN with hopes of moving back home after graduation and write for a magazine or newspaper. She enjoys listening to music, spending time with friends and writing stories about interesting people. 

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Greek Life: Through the haze

1/16/18 6:23pm

In recent months, the conversation around hazing has become a national conversation. In 2017, four student deaths involving hazing became viral stories, bringing the conversation around the all-too-frequent Greek life practice to Elon. According to the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life, 42 percent of Elon’s student population belongs to a Greek organization. With National Panhellenic and the Interfraternity Council recruitment happening at the end of the month, Elon said it is preparing to counteract the hazing trend, should it arise.

#Metoo provides community to victims of sexual assault

11/1/17 12:00pm

Gabby, whose last name has been excluded to protect her identity, remembers an incident two years ago as “the most aggressive form of sexual assault” she had ever faced; but earlier this month, when the #MeToo campaign resurfaced on social media to support survivors of sexual assault, the thing that hit Gabby the most was: “I don’t have one story, I have multiple.”

"Why am I here?"

9/12/17 9:30pm

This Fall Elon University welcomed 1,553 freshmen onto campus to begin the four years of their undergraduate career.

Senior’s thesis project to educate about the trans experience

3/7/17 12:54pm

            Since senior Zach Bocian was a kid—he has struggled with masculinity and what it meant to 'be a man.' It wasn’t until he reached adulthood, that he was able to come to terms with his own gender identity.             “I realized that I don’t have to wear baggy clothes or go to the gym all the time if I don’t want to—or don’t like to to prove I’m a man,” he said.              It was that realization and fascination with gender, along with his interest in the Trans-community that led him to begin research for his BFA thesis project: a film package for a feature film called “Facemask.” The package includes a screenplay, trailer, a projected budget and schedule, visual references and a business plan.             “Facemask” is the story of a closeted transgender female named Tyler grappling with coming out as her true self as well as maintaining her passion: football.

Senior pursues dreams with release of 1st EP: Hello Sunshine.

2/22/17 8:00am

Since watching Selena for the first time at age 2, senior  and Musical Theater major Auston Henderson has always knew he wanted to be a singer—and now with the release of his first EP just a few weeks away—his dreams are beginning to come true. Henderson—a Houston, Texas native—grew up singing choir and for his senior year in high school, decided to move to Virginia and attend the Governor’s School of the arts where he could study musical theater more seriously.

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