LIFESTYLE 6/4/24 5:36pm

Artist finishes third mural in downtown Elon plaza

Muralist Mary Ryan has been working on completing an outdoor painting on the plaza in Elon’s downtown for less than a week. But the plaza itself, from conception to construction, took much longer than that. Beginning with the town staff announcing plans for an outdoor plaza in downtown Elon in December 2021 and completing construction in December 2023. Ryan said as she finishes painting this mural, she has been touching up her other murals at the same time. With outdoor seating around the mural itself, Ryan said she hopes this mural will avoid as much direct foot traffic as possible.

LIFESTYLE 5/21/24 9:07pm

Limelight Records hosts first ‘Limeys’ to celebrate student artists at Elon University

Heels clicked against the pavement as students entered the College Taphouse. As attendees entered the building, they were greeted with a red carpet and signage for the “Limeys” — Limelight Records first formal award ceremony. Senior Juliana Kuhno, who is Limelight’s vice president of promotions, said the label wanted to create a “Grammy-esque” event highlighting the work of student artists. In between announcing the awards, the event included performances from Limelight artists North Towards Home, Ali and Andi, Meenali Dream, Wisteria, Thistle Ridge Band, prettylarceny, Yards Davis Band and a closing set from The Germaniacs.

LIFESTYLE 5/12/24 5:05pm

Elon University senior strikes chords of connection on campus

Senior Gabe Germain found his passion for music when he picked up a guitar at 13 years old. However, his music career didn’t kick off until he began recording his music for production sophomore year. Now the pop artist is looking forward to releasing his first album this upcoming fall. Germain is a musical artist at Elon and releases his own original songs with the help of Limelight, a record label on campus designed to help student musicians. In April, Germain released a new single titled “Perched,” a single from his upcoming album coming out in fall 2024.

LIFESTYLE 5/6/24 1:29pm

Research to rapid fire: Professor takes on Jeopardy

Professor Marko Saric, an antsy person by nature, said when he was competing on the set of Jeopardy, he felt like he was back in his room watching the show. Saric was on Jeopardy April 18 and continued on April 19. For Saric, being a professor did not necessarily translate to skills helpful for the game show. He instead prepared by looking through the J! Archive, a website created by fans with every single answer that has been on Jeopardy. From there Saric would go to Wikipedia to read up on things he didn’t know, he said.

LIFESTYLE 5/3/24 4:54pm

El Centro celebrates Elon University’s LatinX/Hispanic community with release of “Perspectivas”

Elon University’s Latinx/Hispanic student center, El Centro, celebrated their value of “mi comunidad” with the release of its zine, “Perspectivas.” “Perspectivas,” is a zine published on a semesterly basis that gives a space for Latinx/Hispanic-identifying students the opportunity to publish their art. The first edition of the magazine was released last fall and was created and supervised by junior Leslie Aviles. This edition is centered around the value of “mi comunidad,” one of El Centro’s core values that can be found on their website.

LIFESTYLE 4/29/24 4:04pm

Elon, Eastlawn elementary school gardens act as outdoor classrooms

Tucked behind Elon and Eastlawn Elementary are over 20 plant beds growing fruits and vegetables. In the gardens, the crops are ready for the peak spring season. Created and maintained entirely by volunteers, many Elon University students are involved in the efforts that go into taking care of the space. Both gardens work with the North Carolina School Garden Network, which connects schools from across the state with resources to build their own gardens. Elon Professor Scott Morrison is a founding member of the network and sees the gardens as extensions of the classroom.

LIFESTYLE 4/25/24 12:37pm

Elon Performing Arts presents “Myths and Hymns” for spring musical

After learning “Myths and Hymns” would be the spring musical, Elon professor and director Alexandra Joye Warren knew she would have to add some sort of story into the song cycle. Song cycles are a group of individually complete songs designed to be performed in a sequence without having an overarching narrative. “Myths and Hymns” will be performed at 7:30 p.m. on April 26, at 2 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. on April 27 and at 2 p.m. on April 28 in Roberts Studio Theatre in Scott Studios. Tickets are $15 at the door or free with an Elon ID.

LIFESTYLE 4/25/24 10:56am

Elon University students reimagine classic fairytale in original musical

A kickline, a love song, a villain monologue and a cardboard cutout of Mark Sloan from Grey’s Anatomy — these were all elements in “Sleeping Beauty,” a student-written reimagining of the classic fairy tale. NewWorks, a student organization that produces original student works, hosted three showings of a workshop production. “Sleeping Beauty” was the first musical NewWorks has produced, written by Elon senior and acting major Graham Cole. The workshop production took place in the Center for the Arts Isabella Cannon Room with a full run of the first act and a short collection of scenes and songs from act two.

LIFESTYLE 4/23/24 11:07am

Ines Bakery: from street corner to big dreams in every bite

Ines Roets smelled the hints of tobacco on the streets of Calle Ocho in Miami as she sold her empanadas to tobacco rollers and other businesses. With one hand guiding a stroller, her infant son inside, and her other hand holding a cooler filled with savory empanadas, this is where Roets got her start.  Every morning and afternoon Ines returned to Calle Ocho and people couldn’t get enough of her empanadas. This is when she realized there was something special here, so she held onto it. 

LIFESTYLE 4/22/24 11:08am

Elon University student organization K-DNS embraces K-pop and community

There were bright smiles and laughter as members of Elon University’s K-pop student organization K-DNS headed into a Koury Center studio Sunday evening, chatting about their weekends. As soon as the music was on, they were in position, smiles still on their faces and ready to dance. K-DNS, which stands for K-pop Dancing ’n Singing, is an audition-based group that provides a space for students to hone skills and share their love of K-pop. It has three subgroups, the Dance, Vocal and Rap Units — as well as general members that are involved in many facets.

LIFESTYLE 4/21/24 9:26pm

Elon Watches: The Fall Guy

Stunt performers are some of the most overlooked and underrated people in Hollywood. Despite a lack of recognition, they are often the reason why so many films are as exciting or adrenaline inducing as they are. Their skill, precision and dedication bring the most daring action sequences to life, and it is their passion and dedication that are at the heart of David Leitch’s new action film, “The Fall Guy.” The film follows stuntman Colt Seavers, played by Ryan Gosling, as he returns to the world of filmmaking only to find that the actor he doubles has mysteriously disappeared.  

LIFESTYLE 4/21/24 3:56pm

Élan Vocal Jazz Ensemble performs classics of the jazz and swing eras at Elon University

Open the curtains and set the stage for Élan students to prepare a beautiful ensemble of unique melodies. Élan’s powerful performance reflected student talent and spirit.  Élan Vocal Jazz Ensemble presented “Songs of Love” a mix of jazz and swing classics of the 40’s and 50’s eras. The group performed a fusion of musical elements from the past to present. Musicians collaborated with students on April 18 at McCrary Theatre to explore swing-style music. 

LIFESTYLE 4/21/24 11:25am

Elon student vendor honors late grandmother with business

Sadie Guffey was tending her booth with her newest product on the table, a super-sized version of her crocheted acorns. When Elon President Connie Book ordered two of the acorns after seeing them, Guffey knew she had achieved so much more than she thought she could, especially for her late grandmother who taught her the craft she practices now. Guffey only learned to crochet in summer of 2023 after she came back from her study abroad. Guffey’s grandmother had been diagnosed with cancer on Feb. 22, 2022, and had tasked herself with teaching all the grandchildren the craft while she was recovering at home.

LIFESTYLE 4/20/24 12:17pm

Burlington coffee shop, The Daily Grind, emphasizes intentionality

Morning light spills through the windows, casting an orange hue over the pink walls and green plants scattered throughout the small cafe. It’s 7 a.m., and The Daily Grind is open for another busy day of walk-ins and drive-through customers. Following its soft opening in June 2023, the Daily Grind has grown in popularity. Owner Emily Baker said that the team wants to emphasize intentionality with each customer served within the coffee shop. 

LIFESTYLE 4/19/24 11:46am

Elon’s new bakery, Cakes etc. by Cindy, embraces community amid advertising roadblocks

A wall of sweet smelling baked goods greets customers as they walk into Cakes, etc. by Cindy. To enter the bakery, just look for the neon open sign on the ground floor of the Acorn Inn. People can find the owner Cindy Pettiford behind the counter along with her husband, Cory Pettiford and her three sons.  The bakery opened last year on July 15, 2023 and has continued to produce goods ranging from pound cakes to cobblers to banana pudding. Before baking, Cindy worked as a part time customer service worker and notary on top of baking at home. 

LIFESTYLE 4/18/24 2:30pm

Student production of ‘Pippin’ has ‘Magic to Do’ for three sold-out audiences at Elon University

After learning about Renegade Productions through a friend, Elon University freshman Jackson Bennett signed up for the student organization’s newsletter last fall. Now, on April 19 and 20, the Cinema and Television Arts major will be performing as the title role in Renegade’s spring musical, “Pippin.” While the show’s three performances are sold-out, Renegade Productions is doing a free ticket lottery that anyone can enter. The lottery winner will be drawn at 5 p.m. on April 18 and information about how to enter is on the club’s Instagram page, @elonrenegade. Performances are at 8:30 p.m. April 19 and 20 and there is a 3 p.m. performance on April 20. 

LIFESTYLE 4/15/24 10:21am

Limelight Records twin duo release their self-titled debut album

Whether they're blending their voices to create heavenly harmonies or playing dazzling melodies on piano and guitar, Ali and Andi Dalton find comfort in performing together. As identical twins, Ali and Andi have been writing music together for a few years and recently released their debut album, titled “Ali and Andi,” on March 31. Ali and Andi’s music falls into the singer-songwriter, folk genre, with plucky guitar lines and breathy vocals layered on top of one another to create a chorus of harmonies. Andi and Ali returned to their hometown on April 5 to celebrate the release of their album with a release party and performance.

LIFESTYLE 4/13/24 9:46pm

Elon Motorsports hosts community car show

Cars of all generations gathered in the back of Schar Center for the Elon Motorsports car show. 60 participants from the Elon community came together to sponsor or enjoy the event. Elon Motorsports club hosted the car show for an end-of-year event on April 13 with partnerships from other North Carolina universities and the local community. Local car group Burlington Cruise In joined the group of students in the event. Vice President of Elon Motorsports Quintin Lasky said the event was to introduce new motorsport enthusiasts to the community, as well as bringing the experienced groups together.