NEWS 4/29/24 9:36pm

Elon Town Council discusses fire inspectors, changes to fire lanes

The Elon Town Council met on April 29 and focused on changes to the fire department and new policies the department will be enforcing. Previously, inspections were done by county inspectors at no cost. However, Elon is implementing a new method to directly hire inspectors. The council discussed how this change would force Elon citizens who own businesses to now need to pay for fire inspections out of their own pockets. Town of Elon Fire Chief Landon Massey said the town will be implementing a tiered system of charging inspections, which is currently being utilized by Durham’s fire departments. 

NEWS 4/25/24 4:06pm

SGA aims to increase student awareness under Cote Administration

After 20.4% of the student body voted in the 2024-25 student body elections — compared to the 29.9% that voted in the 2023-24 elections — junior Ella Kucera, vice president of communications, said she hopes to increase awareness of the function of Elon University’s Student Government Association. With the decrease in voter turnout for this past election, members of SGA, both current and former, said they hope they can increase voter turnout in future elections by educating the student body about what student government does and making itself more present on campus.

NEWS 4/15/24 8:21pm

Elon Town Council discusses 2025 budget

The Elon Town Council met on April 15 in a special work session to discuss Town Manager Rich Roedner’s proposed $10.9 million 2025 fiscal year budget. The council began the session by discussing the proposed fees for the 2025 budget. As a result of Burlington planning to raise their water fees by 4%, the council plans to match that raise. However, taxes would not be increased to cover these heightened fees.

NEWS 4/9/24 10:18pm

Elon Town Council permanently extends social district boundaries

Elon’s Town Council hosted their first meeting of April, where they unanimously decided on the permanent extension of the social district boundaries. The decision added North Holt Avenue and West College Avenue to the footprint of the social district, allowing patrons to utilize the Holt Avenue green space as a location to enjoy alcoholic beverages. It also opens the sidewalks up as a means of travel from North Holt Avenue to West College Avenue. The town council will meet next on Monday, April 15 to debate the 2025 proposed budget.

NEWS 4/9/24 7:48pm

Elon Town Council to debate potential 7.4% increase for personnel on proposed 2025 budget

Rising personnel costs dominate Elon town manager’s proposed $10.9 million fiscal year 2025 budget, which the town council plans to debate during a work session April 15. Though the overall budget is up only 2% from last year, town manager Richard Roedner is proposing a 7.4% increase in personnel costs. Elon’s $2.4 million police personnel budget would stay flat under the proposal. The town’s total personnel budget would increase by $462,315 to $6.7 million. Mayor Emily Sharpe said one of the main topics for the council to discuss was opening new proposed positions for different departments.

NEWS 3/20/24 5:52pm

First Lady visits Research Triangle to highlight women’s health

First Lady Jill Biden made a brief stop March 20 at Durham’s Research Triangle Park, as part of an effort by the White House to promote the administration’s initiative on women’s health research. The event held roughly 50 attendees. This comes after President Joe Biden passed an Executive Order on March 18 addressing women’s health as part of this initiative. According to the White House, the order will direct federal agencies and departments, such as the Office of Management and Budget and the National Institutes of Health to prioritize women’s health research. 

NEWS 3/19/24 11:46pm

SGA announces election results for 2024-25 academic year

With 1,308 voter ballots cast, this year's student government association election concludes.  Despite the relatively low voter turnout compared to last year, SGA announced the results of the 2024-25 student body elections with 11 positions unfilled out of 60 spots. As for senior commencement speakers, due to a tie, there are four finalists instead of three: Grace Ackermann, Ayesh Award, Garret Fitschen and Mike Sanderson. Junior Taylor Cote was the only candidate to apply for and was elected as student body president. Junior Amanda Jacobson was elected as executive vice president, which was a newly added position.

NEWS 3/17/24 6:29pm

Student Government Association hosts spring 2024 elections: meet the candidates

After extending the deadline for applications to run for a Student Government Association race, 44 candidates applied across all 60 spots. The deadline was extended twice — as no one applied to run for student body president. Voting opens on PhoenixConnect at 8 a.m. Monday, March 18 and closes 5 p.m. Tuesday, March 19. Elon News Network asked each candidate what they hope to accomplish in their role if elected, as well as how they plan to accomplish it.

NEWS 3/14/24 12:51pm

Stein holds campaign event in Burlington

On the heels of winning the Democratic gubernatorial nomination on March 5, North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein spoke at Persnickety Books in Burlington on March 14 as part of a  “Real Time with Stein” campaign event. This marked Stein’s first campaign visit to Alamance County since winning the primary election. Burlington’s Persnickety Books is no stranger to political events. In 2021, the store hosted an election night watch party for former-Burlington Mayor and Elon University alumnus Ian Baltutis.

NEWS 3/12/24 11:27pm

Elon Town Council deliberates solutions for student concerns regarding noise citations

Elon Town Council discussed alternatives to criminal noise ordinance citations on March 12 following Elon University students raising concerns about the harsh penalties. Currently, issuing citations following a noise complaint is left to the discretion of the Town of Elon Police Department officer responding to the noise complaint. If a citation is issued, Elon considers this a criminal violation, not a civil one. In response to students voicing their concerns over receiving a criminal noise citation, Elon Police Chief Kelly Blackwelder compiled research on alternatives to issuing criminal citations. 

NEWS 3/12/24 6:51pm

No students initially applied for student body president, application extended

Despite Elon’s Student Government Association working to recruit members to run in elections, no student applied to run for student body president. The application closed at 5 p.m. March 11. The organization met for a special meeting March 12 to amend the bylaws and extended applications for all SGA positions until 10 a.m. March 13. SGA initially extended the deadline to 10 a.m. March 12, but according to SGA election bylaws, the organization was not technically allowed to extend it without an election amendment approved by the senate, and no applications were accepted by the second deadline. 

NEWS 3/5/24 11:14pm

Alamance County primary elections results

As of 10:12 p.m. on March 5, 39 out of 39 precincts in Alamance County have reported their votes for North Carolina’s primary elections. The North Carolina State Board of Elections will officially call the results on March 15. The following are each of North Carolina’s candidates after primary elections closed March 5. Most notably, gubernatorial candidates North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein and Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson will be facing off against each other in general elections in November with nearly opposite campaign platforms.

NEWS 3/5/24 8:59pm

NC Democrats, Stein campaign prepare for election results in Raleigh

With just under 2% of ballots cast in, according to the North Carolina State Board of Elections, the Associated Press called the Democratic Gubernatorial race in favor of North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein. The Republican governor race was also called in favor of Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson. The two will face off in the general election in November. With primary election polls having closed at 7:30 p.m., NC Democrats hosted a watch party at the Maywood Hall & Garden in Raleigh to welcome the Democratic gubernatorial nominee to the general elections ballot.

NEWS 3/5/24 8:36pm

Mark Robinson campaign prepares for election results in Greensboro

With just under 2% of ballots cast in according to the North Carolina State Board of Elections, the Associated Press called the Republican Gubernatorial race in favor of Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson. The Democratic governor race was also called in favor of North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein, and the two will face off in the general election in November. Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson and his supporters awaited primary election results at a watch party in the gubernatorial nominee’s hometown of Greensboro. The polls closed at 7:30 p.m.

NEWS 3/5/24 3:23pm

Local voters emphasize using political voice this Super Tuesday

With Super Tuesday underway, many voters headed to the polls early this morning and will continue to file through until voting closes at 7:30 p.m. The conclusion of primary elections cements candidates for the general elections ballot on Nov. 5. Elon University senior Lauryn Carlton, who voted at Elon Elementary in Burlington at around 11 a.m., said she feels an obligation as a student to make sure that young people have their voices heard. Burlington local Jim Sykes said that voting is extremely important for the younger community members — as they are the future of this area.

NEWS 3/4/24 8:11am

Opposites face off in upcoming North Carolina governor race

Primary elections will conclude on March 5. Vying for the state governor nomination on the Republican ticket is current Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson, State Treasurer Dale Folwell and Salisbury Attorney Bill Graham. The Democratic side features Attorney General Josh Stein, North Carolina Supreme Court Justice Mike Morgan, Tryon Mayor Pro Tempore Chrelle Booker, Lumberton Attorney Marcus Williams and Edgecombe County Sheriff’s Office Reserve Deputy Gary Foxx. Despite this crowded field, Robinson and Stein are the clear front-runners and are already preparing for the intense general election that is ahead, according to Duke University professor of public policy Mac McCorkle.

NEWS 3/3/24 2:28pm

Elon Votes works to increase voter turnout at Elon University for upcoming election

Elon Votes is encouraging students to vote this year by offering various resources and programming, including a discussion with students and community members on if they think their vote matters. The primaries in North Carolina primaries are approaching on March 5. The Pew Research Center reported in a 2023 survey 63% of Americans are dissatisfied with the presidential candidates for this year's election. For more information on registering to vote, visit the Elon Votes webpage or go to their in-person office in the Kernodle Center for Civic Life in Moseley 232.

NEWS 3/2/24 6:06pm

Trump makes campaign stop in Greensboro

Former President Donald Trump held a campaign rally after 2 p.m. on March 2 inside the Greensboro Coliseum — attracting thousands of supporters. North Carolina Republicans, including Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson, State House Speaker Tim Moore, Sen. Ted Budd and Rep. Virginia Foxx, also used the opportunity to rally supporters to vote next week. Republican primary challenger Nikki Haley, a former United Nations Ambassador and former South Carolina Governor, also made a speech on March 2 in Raleigh. Among the attendees of the event was Alamance County Sheriff Terry Johnson, who showed his support for President Trump.

NEWS 3/1/24 10:38am

Breaking down Alamance County elections ballot

With the 2024 Presidential Primary Election coming in March several positions besides the Presidential nomination are up for election. These include 15 positions that are up for election, depending on how the voter registered these positions vary from the Republican, Democrat and Libertarian ballots. There are 15 positions on the ballot across all three ballots. Early voting is open now until March 2 and Elon South Gym is an early voting location. Election Day is March 5 and voting is open from 6:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.

NEWS 2/26/24 9:06pm

Elon Town Council votes to open green space to public

Elon's Town Council hosted their second work session of the year, where they unanimously decided to make the green space on North Holt Avenue open to the public in order to bring more people into Elon. Monti Allison, mayor pro tem, said he wanted to open the greenspace — previously a beer garden for Toasty Kettlyst — as a place for special events, such as more beer sales. This in turn would call for the expansion of the social district. Downtown Development Director Jill Weston also announced that Med Deli would be opening Thursday, Feb. 29.