NEWS 9/25/23 2:02pm

Writers Guild of America reaches preliminary deal in historic strike

After 146 days of striking, the Writers Guild of America has reached a tentative deal with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers on a new contract for entertainment writers, according to an email sent out to union members that was sent out Sunday around 10 p.m. Now that a deal is on the table, the next step for the WGA and AMPTP is to work out the language for the contract. Now that a deal has been agreed upon, WGA leadership has suspended all picketing, but said members will not be returning to work until authorization by the WGA. 

NEWS 9/25/23 7:54am

Student Health Services at Elon University unable to provide allergy shots

At the end of the 2022-23 academic year, registered nurse Cynthia Moore retired after working at Elon for over 14 years. Registered nurses are licensed through the North Carolina Board of Nursing and, according to the NCBON, their role within a medical practice includes the implementation and evaluation of patient care. The NCBON was unavailable for comment. The lack of registered nurses on its staff affects what treatments health services are able to administer in patient care. Elon Student Health Services currently has two physician assistants, two primary care nurse practitioners and three certified medical assistants on staff. 

NEWS 9/23/23 4:40pm

Pittsboro water under testing due to 1,4-dioxane leak in Burlington

The town of Pittsboro is advising citizens to avoid the drinking water until further testing can be done after a 1,4-dioxane leak in Burlington. The town of Pittsboro has partnered with Chatham Marketplace to offer free reverse osmosis treated water to citizens who receive their water from the town. Customers can use the code 64261 to fill jugs and bottles for free. Pittsboro is 30 miles downstream from Burlington and is advising residents to reduce using the water for non-essential uses, including watering lawns and washing cars.

NEWS 9/24/23 5:38pm

Intersect Conference facilitates conversations about diversity at Elon University

According to Sylvia Muñoz, Director of the Center for Race, Ethnicity and Diversity Education, before students graduate and are sent out into the world, it is important for Elon University to give them all the tools needed to succeed. Muñoz said she believes events such as the Intersect Conference achieve this goal by providing students with the skills and knowledge needed to make students global citizens. The theme for this year’s conference is “Look Out for Yourself. Look Out for Each Other. Look Out for Our Future.” 

NEWS 9/24/23 2:19pm

Students express frustrations with Elon University campus crosswalks

After multiple collisions and near-incidents have occurred on Elon’s crosswalks throughout the first month of students being on campus, students have been voicing concerns and asking for more communication from the university, according to Campus Safety and Police. Campus Police and the town of Elon have opened discussions about possible courses of action, but said with a limited budget, there is little that can be done. All roads that pass through and border campus — crosswalks included — are regulated by both Campus Safety and Police and the town of Elon. 

NEWS 9/24/23 1:11pm

City of Burlington debuts new social district

The City of Burlington debuted its new downtown social district, which encompasses seven blocks of the city’s downtown. The social district, which launched Friday, Sept. 22,  allows visitors aged 21 and up to take alcoholic beverages purchased from alcohol beverage control (ABC)-permitted restaurants and bars into designated public areas and will be open from 12 p.m. to 10 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays. Participating businesses have placed stickers on their windows indicating that they are members of the social district, and drinks purchased from these establishments must be in specially-branded cups to be carried around the district. 

NEWS 9/22/23 12:40pm

2023 Elon University security, fire safety report shows increase in harassment

Elon University released the 2023 security and fire safety report that details reported crimes located on campus and within buildings owned by Elon in 2022. According to Elon University Police Chief Joe LeMire, the university is still adding cases to the report and will officially release them next week — however, a version is available on the Campus Safety and Police reports webpage as of Sept. 22. There were 17 rapes reported within residential facilities — defined as dormitories and other on-campus student facilities — compared to 10 reported in 2021.

NEWS 9/22/23 8:37am

Q&A: North Carolinians Against Gun Violence encourage students to contact their lawmaker

Within the first month of school, there were two lockdowns at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, one resulting in the death of a faculty member. North Carolina saw 1,839 firearm-related deaths in 2021, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Children in particular are suffering from gun violence now more than ever: firearm-related death rates for children ages zero to 17 increased 231.3% from 2012 to 2021, according to North Carolina’s Child Fatality Task Force. Becky Ceartas is the executive director at NCGV and spoke to Elon News Network about gun violence prevention in North Carolina.

NEWS 9/21/23 11:04pm

Elon University common reading author encourages curiosity, thoughtfulness

Mónica Guzmán — author of Elon University’s 2023-24 common reading book “I Never Thought of It That Way: How to Have Fearlessly Curious Conversations in Dangerously Divided Times,” — said it is vital for communities to have difficult conversations to create connection. Guzmán’s lecture on Sept. 21 was a part of Elon’s speaker series — presented by WUNC North Carolina Public Radio — and explored themes of “creating together.” Guzmán, a Mexican immigrant, said it is important to listen and learn from others.

NEWS 9/21/23 7:16pm

Author of Elon University’s 2023 common reading promotes human connection, engagement

Elon News Network sat down with Mónica Guzmán in the studio before her speech, titled “Curious Questions, Sparking Conversations.” Guzmán's speech will focus on her book “I Never Thought of It That Way: How to Have Fearlessly Curious Conversations in Dangerously Divided Times.” All freshmen were required to read Guzmán’s book for this year’s common reading. She said her book was inspired by the political difference between her and her parents. Guzmán said she hopes students understand that people can’t control others and that not every problem is going to be solved or understood immediately. 

NEWS 9/21/23 3:10pm

Acorn Coffee Shop reopens at Elon University

Acorn Coffee Shop reopened at its new location on the first floor of Belk Library on Sept. 21. The new location — within the Koenigsberger Learning Center — is a fresh start for the shop, which was previously located in downtown Elon at 116 N. Williamson Ave.  Following its closure in 2022, Mediterranean Deli will be taking over Acorn Coffee Shop’s previous location on Williamson Avenue. The deli will reopen in 2024 following a fire at its sister location in Chapel Hill. 

NEWS 9/20/23 4:01pm

Bike to Burlington brings Elon University students into community

Elon Outdoors’ will host a Bike to Burlington event Friday, Sept. 22 at 3 p.m. in which participants will use the Burlington Greenway to make the three-mile journey from the Koury athletic center to downtown Burlington. Harer said this will give students the opportunity to experience the accessibility of the greenway and downtown Burlington. Registration is required through a form on the sustainability website. Bikes are provided for students who wish to borrow an Elon Outdoors bike, but participants are welcome to bring their own. The event is open to everyone. 

NEWS 9/20/23 8:12am

App launches as hub for Elon University recreation, wellness events

Elon’s Campus Recreation and Wellness released RecWell, an app designed to provide students with information on various recreation and wellness activities. According to Director of Campus Recreation and Wellness Larry Mellinger, the app released in late August and already has a good response from students with over 1,000 downloads. Personal training sessions, Elon Outdoor Adventures and HealthEU resources are all available on the platform. Students are able to sign up for programs, rent equipment and pay for events directly from the app by logging in with their Elon username and password. 

NEWS 9/19/23 12:03pm

Elon University expands academic opportunities at Charlotte Regional Center

Elon University officially announced a greater presence in Charlotte through the Charlotte Regional Center. The university held an opening ceremony Sept. 19, where university representatives made various announcements for the future of Elon in Charlotte, including the Elon Law FLEX program, a summer finance program and new events to be held at the center. The Charlotte Regional Center is located at 330 W. Tremont Ave. in South End, which is an expanding Charlotte neighborhood.

NEWS 9/19/23 1:09am

Alamance County board of commissioners highlight needed repairs for ABSS facilities

The Alamance County board of commissioners voted unanimously to hire engineers and assess heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems within both the Alamance-Burlington schools and Alamance County facilities. In the wake of the discovery of mold within roughly 30 ABSS schools and facilities in August and September, Builder Services Inc. of North Carolina was hired to conduct remediation services. Ben Bass, the executive vice president of Builder Services, warned the board that roof leaks inside ABSS facilities will lead to a resurgence of mold unless the district takes immediate action.

NEWS 9/18/23 4:52pm

ABSS receives bomb threat, Sheriff Office gives all-clear

Alamance Burlington School System received threats by email stating the existence of “multiple explosives” in a “district school” this morning, according to a press release by the Alamance County Sheriff's Office. Les Atkins, public information officer at ABSS, said other North Carolina districts, like Alleghany County, received similar emails. Atkins said ABSS believes this email was a “swatting email” — meant to falsely report a situation in order to provoke an emergency response. Atkins also said instructional hours were not severely interrupted.

NEWS 9/18/23 2:51pm

Elon University students concerned for school safety

Following the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill's two firearm-related lockdowns within the first month of the 2023-24 school year, Elon University students express concerns over the possibility of gun violence occurring on campus. Elon sophomore Addison Fry said the stress she felt following University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill’s recent lockdowns impacts her daily life — down to the start of her daily routine with getting dressed for movement and practicality over comfort and looks. With UNC, Chapel Hill roughly 45 minutes away from Elon University, other Elon students said they have been hyper aware and conscious of their safety. 

NEWS 9/15/23 8:07pm

Elon Law files application for new Charlotte campus

Elon University School of Law submitted an application for accreditation to the American Bar Association to establish a separate location in Charlotte. If the ABA approves Elon's application, it would mark the first instance of a law school operating in Charlotte since the Charlotte School of Law ceased operations in 2017. There will be a press conference Sept.19 at 330 W. Tremont Ave. where the university plans to announce the opening of its new "Elon in Charlotte Regional Center." 

NEWS 9/15/23 2:57pm

Illness spreads through Elon University campus

The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services has seen a spike in respiratory virus hospitalizations, with a 1% increase from the start of the school year, from 5.6% to 6.6%. Elon University Health Services also no longer tracks cases as the state no longer needs them to be reported to NCDHHS, according to Elon’s Medical Director and University Physician Ginette Archinal. Students are encouraged to stay in their living areas and speak to staff on their health status based on current CDC guidelines.

NEWS 9/14/23 5:44pm

Former Elon University campus police officer promoted to Town of Elon assistant police chief over operations

Town of Elon Police Chief Kelly Blackwelder announced the appointment of Lt. Kedrick King as new assistant police chief over operations. Kind is a former officer for Elon University's campus police. According to the police department, King has previously worked as a patrol officer, master police officer, sergeant and lieutenant with the Elon police department before being promoted Sept. 11.