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NEWS 3/20/19 8:00am

Local community reacts to New Zealand tragedy

Religious leaders from across campus came together Monday afternoon to show their support for the Muslim community in the wake of the terrorist attack in New Zealand, where a gunman killed 50 people and injured 50 more at two mosques. Nearly every seat was filled in the Numen Lumen Sacred Space to reflect, pray and support one another.

NEWS 3/10/19 6:49pm

Elon professor dies in sleep

L.M. Wood, associate professor of art at Elon University, passed away in her sleep Saturday night. Her husband, David Schaeffer, who also taught courses at Elon in the art department, shared the news.

NEWS 11/15/18 8:00am

Alpha epsilon pi: another outlet for Jewish students

As of the 2017-2018 school year, Elon University’s student body consisted of 503 self-identifying Jewish students. Like other religions, Judaism can take many forms, but at Elon, there is only one Jewish organization available on campus. According to Phoenix Connect, there are 278 registered members of Hillel, but some Elon Jews have not yet found the community they were hoping for.

NEWS 10/31/18 8:00am

Elon Volunteers celebrates 30 years of community and outreach

Senior Ashley Berman had trouble finding her place at Elon when she arrived on campus three years ago. But what started as an office manager job for Elon Volunteers turned into a community of people who have helped define her college experience. Now, as executive director for leadership and development for Elon Volunteers, Berman says the Kernodle Center has been her favorite part of her time at Elon. 

NEWS 9/26/18 10:09am

Journey to self-identity: Members of Elon's Afro-Latino community offer a unique perspective

For Afro-Latinos, their relationship with their identity is a little different than most. Tyrone Jean, assistant dean of students and director of the Center for Race, Ethnicity and Diversity Education (CREDE) at Elon University, and junior Megan Hernandez-Greene share how they hope to use their experiences with race and ethnicity to make a difference in their community.

NEWS 9/18/18 6:40pm

Seeking an abortion in the Bible Belt

In North Carolina, there are many restrictions placed on people who choose to pursue Abortion as an option. Advocates and experts from both sides of the conversation weigh in on the impending future of women's health in North Carolina. 

NEWS 1/16/18 6:23pm

Greek Life: Through the haze

In recent months, the conversation around hazing has become a national conversation. In 2017, four student deaths involving hazing became viral stories, bringing the conversation around the all-too-frequent Greek life practice to Elon. According to the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life, 42 percent of Elon’s student population belongs to a Greek organization. With National Panhellenic and the Interfraternity Council recruitment happening at the end of the month, Elon said it is preparing to counteract the hazing trend, should it arise.

LIFESTYLE 11/1/17 12:00pm

#Metoo provides community to victims of sexual assault

Gabby, whose last name has been excluded to protect her identity, remembers an incident two years ago as “the most aggressive form of sexual assault” she had ever faced; but earlier this month, when the #MeToo campaign resurfaced on social media to support survivors of sexual assault, the thing that hit Gabby the most was: “I don’t have one story, I have multiple.”

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