NEWS 10/30/20 2:18pm

Sadie Howard-Stanfield sits in a lawn chair on Oct. 17 at the Elmira Community Center. She has been working at polls for 30 years and 10 of those years she has worked at Elmira Community Center. Each year at the polls her set up has been the same. She sits in a lawn chair under a tent greeting voters.

Alamance County's people of the polls

Voters in Alamance County have lined up at the polls for early voting at the county's five locations. Adrianne Mowry has been at Holly Hill Mall encouraging voters to vote for the Green Party while Sadie Howard-Stanfield has been working at polls for over 30 years and his currently the Democratic precint chair at the Elmira Community Chair.

NEWS 10/30/20 11:31am

Contact tracing catches COVID-19 clusters

Within the past two weeks, ten clusters have been identified by the Alamance County Health Department amongst Elon University students. Clusters of COVID-19 cases have been popping up in residence halls and greek organizations across campus. Seven fraternities and sororities and three freshman dorms all have had clusters.


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