NEWS 10/26/21 9:33pm

Elon University sign outside of Alamance building.

Elon University tuition increase for upcoming academic year remains unclear

Following the board of trustees meeting, as of Oct. 26, the university has not announced any change in tuition for the 2022-23 school year. According to a university spokesperson, while the board did adopt a budget for next year, the information from the budget will be shared with the Elon community “in the future.” 

LIFESTYLE 10/25/21 11:46am

Dance research collaborates with multifaith scholars program at Elon University

Senior Emily Wilbourne will present her research on Thursday, Oct. 28, at the Tradition & Innovation in Korean Dance event, sharing the richness and depth of Korean dance both then and now, in addition to highlighting adjunct instructor in performing arts Jiwon Ha. Ha, who is from Busan, South Korea, virtually guided Wilbourne while she studied there in both the fall and the summer.  


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