NEWS 5/22/22 1:12pm

Senior Camryn Black will be staying in the town of Elon after graduation. In a few years, she plans to apply to the physician’s assistant graduate program at Elon University.

Graduates stay in town of Elon, embrace local community

With 38 regional alumni chapters based across the U.S. and Europe, Elon University encourages its graduating students to expand their job search worldwide. But some soon-to-be Elon graduates have chosen to start the next chapter of their lives in the same place they closed the last — Alamance County.

NEWS 5/21/22 9:47am

Four years on: how Elon University has changed

Over the past four years, Elon University’s class of 2022 has seen the campus change significantly. With changes to the student center, residence life and dining halls, the graduating seniors have seen campus change and evolve. 


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