NEWS 4/12/21 5:12pm

Making up the majority of the undergraduate population and 50% of the faculty population, women are represented but still face inequity.

Female representation on campus is crucial but only one step, leaders say

Of every 10 undergraduate students who walk Elon University’s brick pathways, six identify as women. From being 60% of the undergraduate population to 50% of the faculty population, female members of the Elon community are represented across academics, clubs, organizations and in leadership positions

LIFESTYLE 4/12/21 2:13pm

Concern for climate change leads to student business

Elon University senior Matthew Mitten fell unintentionally into business when, in 2019, he ordered his first customized shirt printed with a phrase that would come to define his company: “Climate Change is Real.” The finance and applied math double major and founder of Climate Change Apparel said he was inspired to use the phrase to promote environmentalism.

LIFESTYLE 4/12/21 11:44am

Students bring thrifting to Elon

When their entrepreneurship class charged them to think of a problem worth solving, Elon University junior Grace Granger and sophomore Jakob Reuter wanted to tackle an environmental issue: clothing sustainability. The duo created @ElonUThrift to provide convenient clothing solutions for students while lowering the amount of waste on campus. 


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