NEWS 5/16/24 4:35pm

Ariel shot of the Station at Mill Point and its connecting parking lot. Parking permits for this lot were free up until the 2023-24 school year. 

Elon University delays freshman parking program, permit prices still set to increase

The project to move all freshman parking to lots near the Danieley and Francis Centers was delayed from starting in the fall to the 2025-26 school year due to an updated construction timeline. Yet, parking permit prices will still increase from $160 to $225 in fall 2024 — except for Global Neighborhood permits which will double from $50 to $100. According to Chief of Campus Police and Safety Joe LeMire, the price increase in student parking permits is a “market increase.” Mill Point residents also saw parking increase from free to a $160 permit beginning in fall 2023. 

NEWS 5/16/24 3:54pm

Seniors launch educational campaign on pedestrian safety at Elon University

As part of their senior seminar, senior policy studies students Ciara Longsworth, Ethan Haqq, Mike Sanderson, Morgan McGlynn and Sidra Kennedy were given a project to work with the Town of Elon to investigate the issue of pedestrian safety on campus. As part of their project, they conducted a survey of over 200 students on pedestrian and road laws — followed by the creation of an educational campaign in the form of a video. According to the Elon Police Department, there have been 9 pedestrian-related incidents reported since 2020. 

NEWS 5/14/24 7:24pm

Rainfall causes road damage on East Haggard Ave

The road between Crest Apartments and North Oak Street has sustained major road damage due to heavy rainfall, according to an E-Alert sent May 14. Though another E-Alert also stated that East Haggard is closed due to a gas leak, Chief of Campus Safety and Police Joe LeMire clarified that that message was a mistake and there is no gas leak. LeMire recommended that everyone get off East Haggard Avenue entirely leading up to Oak Street. As of 9:40 p.m., Campus Police reported that East Haggard has been temporarily repaired by using gravel to level the road.