NEWS 9/25/23 2:02pm

A striker shows his support for the WGA outside Walt Disney Studios Headquarters on July 24, located in Burbank, California. Members of both the WGA and SAG-AFTRA are on strike for the first time since 1960, addressing residuals during the rise of streaming services — as well as the impacts of artificial intelligence in the industry. Writers, actors and supporters have been on strike since May 2, triggering an industrywide shutdown. 

Writers Guild of America reaches preliminary deal in historic strike

After 146 days of striking, the Writers Guild of America has reached a tentative deal with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers on a new contract for entertainment writers, according to an email sent out to union members that was sent out Sunday around 10 p.m. Now that a deal is on the table, the next step for the WGA and AMPTP is to work out the language for the contract. Now that a deal has been agreed upon, WGA leadership has suspended all picketing, but said members will not be returning to work until authorization by the WGA. 

NEWS 9/25/23 7:54am

Student Health Services at Elon University unable to provide allergy shots

At the end of the 2022-23 academic year, registered nurse Cynthia Moore retired after working at Elon for over 14 years. Registered nurses are licensed through the North Carolina Board of Nursing and, according to the NCBON, their role within a medical practice includes the implementation and evaluation of patient care. The NCBON was unavailable for comment. The lack of registered nurses on its staff affects what treatments health services are able to administer in patient care. Elon Student Health Services currently has two physician assistants, two primary care nurse practitioners and three certified medical assistants on staff. 

NEWS 9/23/23 4:40pm

Pittsboro water under testing due to 1,4-dioxane leak in Burlington

The town of Pittsboro is advising citizens to avoid the drinking water until further testing can be done after a 1,4-dioxane leak in Burlington. The town of Pittsboro has partnered with Chatham Marketplace to offer free reverse osmosis treated water to citizens who receive their water from the town. Customers can use the code 64261 to fill jugs and bottles for free. Pittsboro is 30 miles downstream from Burlington and is advising residents to reduce using the water for non-essential uses, including watering lawns and washing cars.