NEWS 7/28/16 10:25am

19-year-old NC delegate attends DNC

[embed]http://https://youtu.be/QKViQ7vVyRA[/embed] PHILADELPHIA -- John Easterling is a University of North Carolina at Greensboro student, a North Carolina delegate and a Hillary Clinton supporter.

NEWS 7/28/16 10:15am

Elon student among delegates at DNC

PHILADELPHIA -- Traveling across many state lines, one Elon University student found his way into the Democratic National Convention. The Mayor of Atlanta invited senior and Georgia native Chris Edwards to the convention.

NEWS 7/26/16 12:53am

Millennial Voices of the DNC

These are some of the voices of millennials at the Democratic National Convention. The first two are young delegates Melissa Cairo and Jade Hamilton who reflect on what life is like as a delegate and what it could be like with Hillary Clinton as President. The final voice is of 12 year old Theo Wagnon who, although he can't vote, has a lot of hope for his future.

NEWS 7/25/16 10:39pm

Donald Trump returns to North Carolina for first time after becoming Republican nominee

WINSTON-SALEM -- Donald Trump returned to North Carolina after becoming the Republican nominee at the Republican National Convention last week in Cleveland. He spent most of the rally at the Winston-Salem Fairgrounds discussing the economy and criticizing his Democratic rivals, including soon-to-be presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, her running mate Tim Kaine and former Democratic presidential hopeful, Bernie Sanders.

NEWS 7/21/16 6:44pm

North Carolina delegates' thoughts on Trump

Elon News Network spoke to two North Carolina delegates about their thoughts on the convention, Donald Trump, millennials in the Republican Party, the American Dream and North Carolina's body camera law. Mike Hager is the delegate for the 112th district and North Carolina's House Majority Leader.

NEWS 7/5/16 11:10pm

In Raleigh, Trump criticizes Clinton, FBI ruling

RALEIGH — Even as he strayed off on tangents, presidential candidate Donald Trump threw multiple verbal barbs at Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton at his rally at the Duke Energy Center for the Performing Arts in Raleigh Tuesday night. Earlier in the day, news broke that Clinton was acquitted in her federal indictment involving her alleged disclosing of classified emails.

NEWS 7/5/16 6:20pm

Obama backs Clinton, attacks Trump at Charlotte rally

CHARLOTTE — In her second trip to North Carolina in the span of two weeks, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, accompanied by President Barack Obama, stressed the importance of togetherness and how she would champion the middle class. Obama, in his first public campaign appearance with the presumptive Democratic nominee, reiterated Clinton’s qualifications and his high regard of her, which he also stated in his official video endorsement of her last week. Amidst a crowd of thousands in Hall C of the Charlotte Convention Center, both Democrats emphasized the importance the 2016 general election while lashing out at Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee. “Despite all the progress we’ve made under [Obama’s] leadership — and we have made progress — we still have work to do,” Clinton said.

NEWS 4/4/16 3:09pm

Greensboro rallies against House Bill 2

GREENSBORO - Hundreds of people packed College Park Methodist Church for the Greensboro rally against House Bill 2 as members of the North Carolina community continue to speak out against North Carolina's newest law. The bill, which passed on March 24 in an emergency legislative session of the N.C.

NEWS 3/15/16 12:53am

Hillary Clinton rallies in Charlotte on night before Primary

CHARLOTTE--On Monday night Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton spoke in Charlotte in her final speech before the North Carolina Primaries on Tuesday. "I am determined that I am going to do everything in my power to create the opportunity for every child to live up to his or her God-given potential," Clinton said.

NEWS 3/11/16 8:11pm

Bernie Sanders rallies in Raleigh

RALEIGH-- Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Bernie Sanders drew thousands of supporters to a rally in Raleigh on Friday afternoon, four days before North Carolina and four other states are set to vote in their primary elections. More than a thousand people couldn't make it into Memorial Auditorium, which seats 2,300, and supporters were lined up more than five hours before the event began. The crowd of primarily young people was loud, cheering and chanting Sanders name from the moment the doors opened two hours before the candidate was set to arrive. In his speech, Sanders went over many of his campaign's talking points, including student debt, campaign finance reform, universal healthcare, minimum wage and the environment, among other other topics. He drew large cheers from the crowd when he discussed campaign finance laws, denouncing Citizens United, the 2010 Supreme Court ruling which allows corporations to fund political organizations. "When you have these horrendous Super PACs, which are funded by Wall Street and billionaires," Sanders said.

NEWS 3/10/16 9:26pm

Clinton focuses on education in N.C.

Durham, NC- The energy was high at Durham's Hillside High School as Hillary Clinton supporters flocked to the school's gymnasium for the campaigns get-out-the vote rally before the North Carolina Primary. Clinton hit the stage shortly after 5:00 p.m.

NEWS 2/28/16 12:00pm

Hillary Clinton wins big in South Carolina primary

Just days before Super Tuesday, South Carolina primary voters made a loud statement on Saturday by voting former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as their nominee for the White House. Clinton swept the Palmetto State.


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