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NEWS 5/18/21 1:27pm

Explaining impostor syndrome

Impostor syndrome, or the impostor phenomenon, was first introduced by clinical psychologists Pauline Rose Clance and Suzanne Imes, who originally researched the concept in high achieving women in the 1970s. 

NEWS 5/11/21 11:54pm

Town of Elon plans to keep current mass gathering limitations in place until graduation

At the May regular session, Mayor Jerry Tolley declared the town of Elon will keep its current mass gathering limits in place until after Elon University graduation on May 21. The Board of Aldermen also approved phase one of the East Haggard Corridor Study, reviewed the budget for fiscal year 2021 and heard from community members who spoke in support of adopting an anti-discrimination ordinance within the town.

NEWS 4/28/21 10:47pm

Occupy Graham demonstrators gather for a second night to protest shooting of Andrew Brown Jr.

Occupy Graham demonstrators gathered at Sequential Park, commonly called Wyatt Outlaw Park, this evening for their bi-weekly demonstration. The demonstration was held to protest the decision by Elizabeth City sheriff’s deputies and a judge not to release the body camera footage from the shooting of Andrew Brown Jr., as well as the arrest of two protesters in Graham yesterday. 

NEWS 4/28/21 8:55am

Jason Husser named chair of Elon University's Academic Council

Jason Husser, professor of political science and policy studies, will be the chair of the Academic Council for the 2021-22 academic year. Husser, who is also the director of Elon Poll, was voted in unanimously and will be taking over from Paula Patch, who stepped away from the position to focus on her role as assistant director of the Elon core curriculum. 

NEWS 4/13/21 11:53pm

Alderwoman earns 2020 Main Street Champion Award

For her efforts in launching the Frontline Fund, an effort that raised over $5,000 to buy food from downtown restaurants and serve meals to frontline workers, Alderwoman Emily Sharpe earned a 2020 Main Street Champion award from North Carolina Main Street. 

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