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Kyra O'Connor '23 is studying journalism, business and creative writing at Elon University. O'Connor serves as executive director at Elon News Network, managing the website and leading the organization, in addition to reporting, taking photos and managing the podcast. As a storyteller, O'Connor focuses on local politics and the stories of the Elon and Gibsonville communities. When she is not reporting, O'Connor enjoys reading, hiking and listening to true crime podcasts. She hopes to work in local news and pursue a master's degree in creative non-fiction after graduation.  See O'Connor's best work on her online portfolio here. 

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NEWS 11/2/21 9:26pm

LIVE BLOG: Elon Mayor

Two candidates campaigned for mayor of the town of Elon. Emily Sharpe, who currently serves as a Board of Aldermen member for the town, and Michael Woods, who previously ran for a seat on Elon’s Board of Aldermen in 2019.

NEWS 9/22/21 12:00pm

Explaining Elon University’s endowment

Jim Piatt is often traveling, meeting with Elon University parents, alumni and donors. But no matter where he travels to or who he is talking with, his message is the same: the importance of an Elon education. 

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