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NEWS 1/20/21 10:34am

Elon University aims to administer COVID-19 vaccines

University physician and member of the Ready & Resilient committee Ginette Archinal said that getting approval to become a vaccine site is a process with a lot of moving parts. Not only does the university have to have the ability to store vaccine doses, but there also have to be enough people to distribute the vaccine, and any distribution site must have the ability to record the data from the vaccinations.

NEWS 12/10/20 10:37am

North Carolina plans COVID-19 vaccine distribution, as FDA approval nears

According to Alamance County Health Director Tony Lo Giudice, long-term care facilities u2014 which are part of Phase 1b of vaccine distribution u2014 have the ability to partner with pharmacies registered with the state and federal government to provide the vaccine. As soon as doses become available, the state will then give the allotted number of doses to registered pharmacies and providers, who will work with long-term care facilities to vaccinate staff and residents.

NEWS 11/12/20 2:27pm

University, town to take actions to improve safety in Elon

After students expressed their concerns and the establishment of a roundtable by Elon University President Connie Book, “immediate actions” are being taken by the university following a convoy in support of President Donald Trump that drove through Elon in September. These action steps involve the collaboration with the town of Elon.

NEWS 10/29/20 1:38pm

COVID-19 testing continues while the power is out

Despite the campus wide power outage at Elon University’s coronavirus testing is still up and running in Alumni Gym. According to Brett Simon, assistant director of campus recreation and wellness for sport programs, COVID-19 testing will continue as planned for the remainder of the day, despite Alumni Gym currently being without power. 

NEWS 10/20/20 8:56pm

Roundtable on pro-Trump caravan makes reccomendations to President Connie Book

The roundtable on the Trump caravan gave its recommendations to Elon University President Connie Book on Oct. 19. The list included 16 different recommendations of action that could be taken to boost campus safety. The group was formed following the pro-Trump caravan, which traveled through campus, and was made up of students, staff and faculty appointed by Book.

NEWS 10/16/20 10:29am

East Haggard to be closed for Homecoming Weekend

East Haggard Avenue will be closed this weekend from noon on Saturday, Oct. 17 through noon on Sunday, Oct. 18 for Homecoming Weekend, according to a press release from the town of Elon. This decision comes after Elon University submitted a revised proposal to the town of Elon asking the town to close Haggard for Homecoming as well as election week.

NEWS 10/14/20 9:13am

Elon University restarts search for director of campus safety and chief of police

Elon University restarted the search for a new chief of police and director of campus safety this fall. The position — which has been open since January — became available after the previous EUPD director, Dennis Franks, stepped down to become the police chief of Stallings, North Carolina. Doug Dotson currently serves as interim director. The search has restarted, and the university is using the search firm Developmental Associates.

NEWS 10/6/20 9:50pm

Board of Aldermen consider university proposal to close East Haggard Avenue

Elon University President Connie Book addressed the Board of Aldermen regarding a university proposal to temporarily close East Haggard Ave at the agenda setting meeting on Monday. The proposal submitted by the university suggested using the street to increase outdoor space for recreational and educational purposes. Book also said safety concerns are another reason to close the street.

NEWS 9/28/20 1:25pm

Democratic county commissioner candidates describe platforms, visions for Alamance County

Democrats Bob Byrd, Dreama Caldwell and Kristen Powers will battle three Republican candidates in the November general election for three open seats on the Alamance County Board of Commissioners.The Board of Commissioners is composed of five elected officials who serve as the governing body of Alamance County. Board members serve four-year terms, and elections for the board are held every even-numbered year. 

NEWS 9/28/20 12:12pm

Makeup of the Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees — a governing body at the university that aids in decision-making — contains parents, alumni and donors, but is also populated by former CEOs, authors and doctors.The board is composed of 35 individuals: there are 26 male trustees and nine female trustees. 30 of the trustees, or 86%, are white.

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