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LIFESTYLE 4/11/21 4:04pm

Confronting religious trauma

For some, religion serves as a community, a place of support. It can serve as a common identity shared among family members or a set of beliefs one has held since childhood that governs their lives. For others, religion is a source of pain and shame, a place they feel shunned and unwelcome or even unsafe. Unlike other forms of trauma, such as post-traumatic stress disorder, there is little research on the impact of religious trauma syndrome.

NEWS 3/31/21 9:57am

Q&A with Joseph LeMire, Elon University’s new chief of campus security and police

Joseph LeMire began his new role as Elon University’s new chief of campus safety and police on March 29. LeMire entered the field 28 years ago after he was inspired in high school by his uncle, who worked for the Chicago Police Department. Elon News Network spoke with LeMire about his plans for his first days on campus, his thoughts on the mutual aid agreement and how he will connect with the Elon community.

NEWS 3/8/21 2:11pm

Redesigning Elon University's bias reporting system

The working group to design the Elon University bias response system has begun to hold listening sessions with students, faculty and staff. The sessions will allow university community members and those who receive bias reports to provide feedback before a preliminary report is delivered to vice presidents Jon Dooley and Randy Williams on April 15.

NEWS 3/4/21 5:27pm

Elon University to bargain with faculty union

Elon University administration will bargain with the faculty union, according to an email from Provost Aswani Volety to faculty and staff on March 4. This decision follows the certification of the faculty union by the National Labor Relations Board on Feb. 19. The decision determined that part-time, limited term and visiting faculty at Elon are eligible to form a union.

NEWS 2/25/21 5:40pm

Advancing diversity, equity and inclusion for faculty and staff

The working group for diversity, equity and inclusion of the academic council — the governing body over faculty — is working to include information addressing bias in the faculty handbook, particularly with regard to evaluation for faculty. The university is also working to redesign the bias response system and will debut a new training program for all university employees.

NEWS 2/24/21 6:47pm

Faculty groups respond to NLRB decision in support of union

After the National Labor Relations Board reaffirmed the non-tenure track faculty members’ right to unionize, Elon University’s Academic Council and chapter of the Association of American University Professors both released statements urging the university to begin bargaining with the union.

NEWS 2/19/21 4:50pm

Elon University expenses exceeded projections during fall semester

Elon University spent more money than anticipated during the fall semester due to pandemic related costs, according to Provost Aswani Volety. Representatives of the university did not say how much was planned for in the annual budget or how much more it spent than anticipated during the fall semester. Among the expenses were COVID-19 tests, cleaning supplies and the personal protection equipment required to open campus safely. 

NEWS 2/15/21 8:28am

Students, staff weigh in on final director of campus police candidate

Elon University students and staff members express what they expect of the final candidate for director of campus safety and police. Some members of the university community want the new director to establish relationships with different communities across campus.The yearlong search is coming to close after final candidate Joe LeMire presented to students, faculty and staff on campus.

NEWS 1/20/21 10:34am

Elon University aims to administer COVID-19 vaccines

University physician and member of the Ready & Resilient committee Ginette Archinal said that getting approval to become a vaccine site is a process with a lot of moving parts. Not only does the university have to have the ability to store vaccine doses, but there also have to be enough people to distribute the vaccine, and any distribution site must have the ability to record the data from the vaccinations.

NEWS 12/10/20 10:37am

North Carolina plans COVID-19 vaccine distribution, as FDA approval nears

According to Alamance County Health Director Tony Lo Giudice, long-term care facilities u2014 which are part of Phase 1b of vaccine distribution u2014 have the ability to partner with pharmacies registered with the state and federal government to provide the vaccine. As soon as doses become available, the state will then give the allotted number of doses to registered pharmacies and providers, who will work with long-term care facilities to vaccinate staff and residents.

NEWS 11/12/20 2:27pm

University, town to take actions to improve safety in Elon

After students expressed their concerns and the establishment of a roundtable by Elon University President Connie Book, “immediate actions” are being taken by the university following a convoy in support of President Donald Trump that drove through Elon in September. These action steps involve the collaboration with the town of Elon.

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