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Nyah Phengsitthy '23 is studying communication design and media analytics at Elon University. Phengsitthy serves as the managing editor of The Pendulum, Elon News Network's student-run newspaper. She manages the weekly paper, in addition to reporting, taking photos and working with new reporters every day. Phengsitthy focuses on writing news and investigative stories of Elon and Burlington. When she is not reporting, Phengsitthy enjoys shopping, watching Law & Order and hanging out with her family. She hopes to go straight into a newsroom after graduation. See Phengsitthy's best work on her online portfolio.

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LIFESTYLE 11/1/21 12:38pm

Balancing the act

Teaching and dancing have always been the goal for adjunct faculty members Kate Shugar and Jiwon Ha, but doing that as an adjunct at Elon also comes with setbacks. 

LIFESTYLE 10/25/21 11:46am

Dance research collaborates with multifaith scholars program at Elon University

Senior Emily Wilbourne will present her research on Thursday, Oct. 28, at the Tradition & Innovation in Korean Dance event, sharing the richness and depth of Korean dance both then and now, in addition to highlighting adjunct instructor in performing arts Jiwon Ha. Ha, who is from Busan, South Korea, virtually guided Wilbourne while she studied there in both the fall and the summer.  

NEWS 10/15/21 5:40pm

Identificándose como hispano o latinx

La sensación de estar limitada a una identidad siempre estuvo presente para Cici Salazar a medida que crecía. Marcando casillas en cualquier aplicación que preguntara sobre la raza y la etnia, la primera pregunta que siempre tuvo que responder fue: ¿Eres hispano/latino? Pero esos dos términos no fueron suficientes para describir las culturas y orígenes reales no sólo para ella, sino también para otros miembros Hispanos y Latinxs.

NEWS 10/15/21 5:39pm

Identifying as Hispanic or Latinx

Checking off boxes in any application that asked about race and ethnicity, the first question junior Cici Salazar always had to answer was ‘are you Hispanic/Latino?’ But those two terms weren’t enough to describe the actual cultures and backgrounds for not only her, but for others who either identified as Hispanic or and Latinx.

NEWS 10/11/21 7:57am

Elon University continues to face gender gap

It all begins in kindergarten — the female-male gender gap in education, that is. Beginning in K-12 schools, the gender gap has increased throughout the years, according to Tom Mortenson, senior scholar at the Pell Institute for the Study of Opportunity in Higher Education. But 2021 has officially been marked the year with the largest female-male gender gap in the history of higher education. 

NEWS 10/1/21 3:37pm

Elon University’s $695 million economic impact

Elon University’s economic impact study found that the university generates $695 million in annual economic impact. According to a press release from the university, Elon has sustained more than 7,400 jobs while producing $34.6 million in tax revenue in the state of North Carolina. 

NEWS 9/28/21 11:32pm

Without a trace

Elon News Network spoke with students who said neither the university nor a local health official directly asked for a list of close contacts after testing positive for coronavirus. 

NEWS 9/11/21 10:07am

Student journalists in 2001 spark coverage for 9/11

“We couldn’t make sense of what was happening that day,” Jennifer Parris, one of the leaders of the Pendulum team covering 9/11 at Elon University, said. “I remember going up to The Pendulum office and regrouping with all of the team like, ‘OK, what do we do now?’ As the university was announcing prayer vigils and meetings and gatherings, we just spread out and tried to cover them the best we could.”

NEWS 9/2/21 11:47pm

Enrollment and exemptions: complying with Elon University's vaccine mandate

Vaccine exemptions forms rolled into Dean of Students Jana Lynn Patterson’s email when the university declared a COVID-19 vaccine mandate for all students. While the university reached 96% of its undergraduate students fully vaccinated, only 307 vaccine exemptions were approved. There’s an additional number that Elon has reached: zero student disenrollments after the vaccine requirement. 

NEWS 8/24/21 10:53am

Funds and finances: A Q&A with Janet Williams

Janet Williams joined Elon’s faculty in April to serve as the vice president for finance and administration. Her role at the university includes having an executive oversight for a broad range of financial, business, and support operations and planning. 

NEWS 8/20/21 11:03am

Get to know your orientation leaders

From leading new students to their first residential neighborhood meeting to attending the hypnotist event together at Rhodes Stadium, orientation leaders are one of the first faces incoming students see when they arrive on campus.

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