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NEWS 10/1/20 1:08pm

Guide to absentee voting in Alamance County, North Carolina

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, election officials have considered many aspects of voting to ensure safe elections in 2020, according to Benjamin Ansbacher, chairman of the Alamance County Board of Elections. Ansbacher spoke with Elon News Network and offered what he believes students need to know about absentee voting and mail-in ballots in North Carolina for Election Day 2020.

NEWS 9/30/20 10:38am

Elon University students concerned about socialization in Level 3 COVID-19 alert

In Level 3, the university is advising members of the community to adjust daily activities and limit social interactions to increase safety. For sophomore Stephanie Miljanic, the actions of the university are not socially sustainable and students are struggling with the lack of interaction. Miljanic felt that students are wondering what the long-term impacts on their interpersonal relations and mental health will be.

NEWS 9/9/20 9:12am

A look inside Elon University's quarantine spaces

Elon University sophomore Bella Roy said she had to go into quarantine after an individual she had been in close contact with tested positive for COVID-19. Roy had a negative test result, but still had to undergo a two-week quarantine. The two-week quarantine period for close contacts are the guidance and directives of the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services and the Alamance County Health Department.

LIFESTYLE 2/28/20 9:17am

New food delivery service rolls onto campus

Good Uncle, a delivery service founded in Syracuse, NY, is making its way to Elon University in early March. The concept behind the company is not unfamiliar to college students; it’s a meal delivery app in a market already flooded with these services.

LIFESTYLE 1/28/20 7:45am

BEST OF: Campus Study Spot

Global Commons, located in the heart of the Global Neighborhood, was voted “Best Campus Study Space.” The recognition comes with little surprise, with the number of study areas which provide all students with the opportunity to find an enjoyable place to do homework or study. 

NEWS 11/25/19 8:22am

More than just a Car Club

During his freshman year, junior Ayo Onasanya found himself constantly parking next to the same car but never met its driver. Weeks into his sophomore year, Onasanya spent some time at Org Fair chatting with the students behind the Elon Motorsports and Driving Club table and met his future roommate — the man he’d parked next to for a year.

LIFESTYLE 10/30/19 11:26am

Elon students to perform 'Damn Yankees'

Producing a play can be daunting, but for some Elon University students, it’s a collaborative and creative process where the final product makes those behind the production proud and joyful. “Damn Yankees” is based on the novel “The Year the Yankees Lost the Pennant” by Douglass Wallop. 

LIFESTYLE 10/11/19 3:00pm

ELON WATCHES: lion cubs, sharks and a family secret

Turner Theatre is a 220-seat auditorium located in Elon University’s School of Communications. Since 2016, the theater has shown movies and documentaries for students and community members free of charge. While attendees are encouraged to bring their own food, candy and popcorn are usually provided. Here is what is playing this week: 

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