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NEWS 9/1/20 11:19am

SGA holds first in-person meeting of the semester

The first Student Government Association business meeting of the fall semester looked a little different this year, with representatives spaced six feet apart — some attending virtually — and wearing masks in Alumni Gym. Delegates discussed a variety of topics, including the new bias reporting system and the university's handling of the coronavirus on campus.

NEWS 3/3/20 8:21pm

LIVE BLOG: Alamance County tax referendum results

The Alamance county primary ballot includes a referendum on whether or not to increase the county sales tax from 6.75% to 7%.  If passed, items in the county like groceries and gas would not be affected by the sales tax, but people who spend money at retail shops and food places would bear the tax.

NEWS 3/3/20 8:19pm

LIVE BLOG: Alamance County Commissioners results

Alamance county voters will vote this Super Tuesday on who will run for the three open seats for County Commissioner. With 12 candidates total, five being Democrat and seven being Republican, only three candidates from each party will be able to move on to the general election.

NEWS 2/16/20 2:55pm

The push for bail reform in Alamance County

Alamance and surrounding counties have been debating bail reform for the last 20 years, and Caldwell — who’s running on a bail and criminal justice reform platform — is one of the many advocates who have been through the criminal justice system and now uses their second chance to push for a change in policies for the system they use to be in.

NEWS 5/7/19 8:00am

CHEAT SHEET: Everything you need to know about Brexit

Brexit, the term for the “British Exit,” refers to the U.K.’s decision to leave the European Union (EU) that was voted on June 23, 2016. Safia Swimelar, associate professor of political science and policy studies, discusses the implications of the U.K.’s decision to leave the EU.

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