The Elon Student Government Association is having its spring 2021 elections on March 18 and 19.

Students will be able to vote for members of the executive board, as well as their class representatives and members of the finance board. 

Below are the class of 2023 representative positions and what their roles and responsibilities are.

Class presidents — uncontested

The class president represents their class throughout Elon University as a whole. Each class president has specific initiatives and serves on different committees in SGA. They focus on issues that directly impact their class year, and are in charge of planning events for their year.

Sophomore Chase Solomon is running for SGA class of 2023 president. Photo courtesy of Solomon.

Chase Solomon

Major: Integrative Biology

Home state: Maryland

Goal: "Whether or not the student body passes the new constitutional changes, I want to be a driving force in the transition of bettering this campus for both the Senate and the student body by targeting three main areas: transparency, sustainability and student engagement."

Class vice president — vacant

The class vice president also aids in event planning and carrying out initiatives the president has for the class. Their position also determines appointments and voting on legislation during business meetings.

Class secretary — uncontested

The Class Secretary is in charge of communication throughout their class. By focusing on social media, and keeping lines of communication open between class representatives, the secretary works to make sure their class delegates work efficiently and smoothly together.

Victoria Burfield

Major: Political Science

Home state: North Carolina

Goal:  "With my accomplishments and my passion for SGA, if re-elected, I will continue to be an advocate for the members of my fellow class by fighting for their interests, listening to their fears and supporting their beliefs."

Burfield did not pose for or submit a photo.

Class treasurer — uncontested

The class treasurer manages the finance for each class and also has a seat on the Finance Board. The Treasurer is responsible for facilitating reimbursements for class events.

Joseph Navin | Elon News Network
Sophomore Jamison Skelley is running for SGA class of 2023 treasurer.

Jamison Skelley

Major: Marketing

Home state: Massachusetts

Goal: "To ensure all organizations on our campus are fairly represented and given the resources to be successful. "

Class senator

Once elected, each senator is responsible for voting on legislation introduced in SGA meetings. They are also required to join committees in SGA. The junior class has two senators.

Sophomore Blake Dixon is running for SGA class of 2023 senator. Photo courtesy of Dixon.

Blake Dixon

Major: Political Science, Sport Management minor

Home state: North Carolina

Goal: "I want to implement more ideas and initiatives for mental health and wellness for students."

Sophomore Corinne Rose is running for SGA class of 2023 senator. Photo courtesy of Rose.

Corinne Rose

Major: Strategic Communications and Media Analytics 

Home state: Tennesse

Goal: "My goal if elected is to create a unified campus in which individual ideas, passions, and concerns are heard and addressed."

Maddie Shosten | Elon News Network
Sophomore Callahan Johnston is running for SGA class of 2023 senator.

Callahan Johnston

Major: Psychology

Home state: Florida

Goal: "I want to improve communication with students and faculty about academic, social and Covid-related news as well as strengthen the mental health of students on campus as a whole."