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NEWS 3/12/21 4:58pm

Ricky Hurtado and Amy Galey join panel hosted by Elon University

NC State Senator Amy Galey (R-24) and State Representative Ricky Hurtado (D-63) joined a panel hosted by Elon University discussing their new roles in the General Assembly. The panel is a part of the Active Citizen Series. Galey represents a portion of Alamance County in the state senate and Hurtado represents a portion of the county in the state house.

NEWS 2/24/21 12:10pm

Breaking down SGA's proposed constitution

The proposed constitution comes after a committee determined the previous constitution allowed everything to be done internally, which didn’t include the rest of the student body in their decision making. The new constitution structures SGA in a similar way to the United States Government, with three branches: legislative, judicial and executive.

NEWS 2/19/21 12:44am

SGA Project Task Force discusses major changes to constitution

Elon University’s Student Government Association Project Task Force met virtually Thursday night about proposed changes to the SGA constitution that would significantly alter the structure of the organization. The new Constitution model more aligned with the United States government in the creation of three distinct branches: the legislative, executive and judicial branches. 

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