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NEWS 10/22/20 11:46am

Elon University to return to social hiatus, expects increase to High Alert

Elon University will return to social hiatus on Oct. 23 due to a recent spike in cases, according to an email update from Jeff Stein, chair of the Ready & Resilient committee. Some of the restrictions include prohibiting visitors in on campus housing, closing indoor seating in dining halls and suspending high risk club sports and intramural activities.

NEWS 10/14/20 11:16am

North Carolina, Alamance County voting trends in presidential elections

In nine of the past ten presidential elections, the Republican party candidate has won the state of North Carolina. President Barack Obama was the lone Democrat to take the state when he won it by 0.32% in 2008. Michael Bitzer, who runs the political blog Old North State Politics and is a professor of politics and history at Catawba University, saw a shift in the state.

NEWS 10/8/20 3:47pm

Elon University ranks #371 for social mobility

The social mobility category looks at a school's capabilities to graduate and support students who receive a federal Pell Grant. In this category Elon ranked in the bottom 20 for national universities, No. 371.  According to the U.S. News and World Report website, the factors that go into the social mobility category are a part of the “17 different measures of academic quality” that go into determining the overall rankings.

NEWS 9/28/20 9:55am

Expanding Elon's Latinx community with El Centro

While El Centro has always been a space that championed Latinx and Hispanic culture education, after a 2018 Latinx/Hispanic Working Group report recommendation, the center decided to shift their focus. They began working to create a resource-focused center for students who identify as Latinx or Hispanic.

NEWS 9/28/20 9:55am

Expandiendo la communidad Latinx de Elon con El Centro

Si bien el Centro siempre ha sido un espacio que ha abogado por la educación de la cultura latina/hispana, siguiendo la recomendación del informe del Grupo de Trabajo Latino / Hispano del 2018, el Centro decidió cambiar su enfoque. Comenzaron a trabajar para crear un centro centrado en recursos para estudiantes que se identifican como latinos o hispanos.

NEWS 9/25/20 3:47pm

Dining moves to grab-and-go only

Starting at 5 p.m. on Sept. 25, all on-campus Elon University dining will be grab-and-go through Sept. 30, according to an email for the Chair of the Ready & Resilient Committee Jeff Stein.

NEWS 9/5/20 10:59pm

March in Greensboro honors Marcus Smith almost two years after his death

On Saturday Sept. 5, protesters marched through the streets of Greensboro in honor of the  upcoming anniversary of the Black man’s death. The event was called the March for Marcus and was put on WHOA: Working Class & Houseless Organizing Alliance — a group that helps promote change for “the working class, homeless, migrant and other disenfranchised communities,” according to the groups Facebook page. 

NEWS 6/10/20 2:27pm

Elon students join protests against police brutality in Greensboro

The event took place on June 7 and was a part of the wave of anti-racism protests happening across the country. During the demonstrations, thousands of people gathered together to march and listen to speeches by activists, individuals incarcerated for protesting, and family members of Marcus Smith. 

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