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NEWS 9/28/20 9:55am

Expanding Elon's Latinx community with El Centro

While El Centro has always been a space that championed Latinx and Hispanic culture education, after a 2018 Latinx/Hispanic Working Group report recommendation, the center decided to shift their focus. They began working to create a resource-focused center for students who identify as Latinx or Hispanic.

NEWS 9/28/20 9:55am

Expandiendo la communidad Latinx de Elon con El Centro

Si bien el Centro siempre ha sido un espacio que ha abogado por la educación de la cultura latina/hispana, siguiendo la recomendación del informe del Grupo de Trabajo Latino / Hispano del 2018, el Centro decidió cambiar su enfoque. Comenzaron a trabajar para crear un centro centrado en recursos para estudiantes que se identifican como latinos o hispanos.

LIFESTYLE 1/24/20 12:41pm


Paul Jaskulski, owner of Paulie’s Pub and Grill, said he opened the bar out of a love for both cooking and college students. This is Paulie’s second consecutive year as the “Best Bar” in Elon. 

NEWS 10/30/19 2:31am

Introducing Elon's 2019 Homecoming Court

Elon University’s 2019 homecoming Court is comprised of 10 seniors — nine women and one man — who have been nominated to represent their organizations, class and university as a whole. Each candidate is running for the title of homecoming royal to support their chosen philanthropy.

NEWS 10/9/19 8:00am

Local Farm doing its part to fight hunger in the area

The 720 acres of woods, fields, streams and pastures of Guilford County Farm border one of North Carolina’s 349 food deserts, where some low-income families lack access to sustainable nutrition. However, Guilford County officials and community members are working to change that by donating fresh produce.

NEWS 5/22/19 12:00am

Constructing a legacy of leadership

When Provost Steven House arrived at Elon University in 2001, he was given one piece of advice from the former provost: don’t break anything. While holding on to that wisdom for the past 18 years, House has not left the university as he found it. House looked beyond not breaking anything, and he started building.

LIFESTYLE 5/1/19 8:00am

Student innovation takes over Moseley

This year’s Maker Takeover will feature a variety of innovative projects created in Elon University’s Maker Hub. The Hub’s tagline, “Everyone is a Maker,” will be demonstrated through presentations, showcases and interactive tutorials.

LIFESTYLE 4/28/19 8:00am

Survivors speak out at Take Back the Night

Take Back the Night is an event hosted once a semester by the Gender and LGBTQIA Center (GLC) in partnership with the Iota Psi chapter of Alpha Chi Omega and other student organizations, according to Becca Bishopric Patterson, assistant director of the GLC. Students have the option to speak about their experiences in a designated safe space.

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