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NEWS 10/19/20 5:21pm

Thom Tillis and Cal Cunningham battle for North Carolina’s U.S. Senate seat

With 35 of the 100 U.S. Senate seats up for election in 2020, Democrats are looking to unseat incumbent North Carolina Sen. Thom Tillis with their candidate Cal Cunningham. Tillis, 60, is seeking his second term in office after defeating then Democrat incumbent Kay Hagan in the 2014 elections.Cunningham, 47, is a former state senator and retired military officer. Throughout his career Cunningham has worked at law firms.

NEWS 8/5/20 6:56pm

Elon University encourages LabCorp tests for required COVID-19 testing

Elon University's required COVID-19 testing as laid out by the Ready & Resilient plan is now in full swing. Elon is requiring that all students, faculty and staff returning to campus in the fall get tested, encouraging students to use Pixel by LabCorp, an online service that allows individuals to test themselves at home. The LabCorp test has been a cause of concern for some.

NEWS 3/10/20 10:13pm

Pi Kappa Phi fraternity removed from campus

In a unanimous decision, the National Council of the Pi Kappa Phi fraternity has revoked the associate chapter status of the fraternity on Elon University's campus. Since the associate chapter status at Elon University is now closed, all associate members are free to join other fraternities.

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