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LIFESTYLE 9/7/21 3:21pm

Gibsonville welcomes new shops in growing community

With a population reaching more than 7,000 people, downtown Gibsonville is home to local restaurants, small businesses and a culture of its own. Three new businesses joining the growing area all have the same intention — bringing Elon students and the greater community through their doors.

NEWS 8/20/21 2:23pm

Get to know your on-campus neighborhoods

The freshman housing experience is often either a treasured or terrible memory for many college students, and it’s where students begin to find their first sense of community on campus. Elon University has eight residential neighborhoods, five of which are open to freshmen. These neighborhoods boast varying themes and traditions, creating the opportunity for students to bond and connect with one another. 

NEWS 3/4/21 1:24pm

Staff, students integrate selves into online learning

Online learning has generated concern among parents and students all over the country as they worry whether or not they are still receiving a quality education. Elon University, which has hosted in-person classes for the entire 2020-2021 academic year, is not immune to such concern. At Elon, 432 students were approved for remote learning either for this semester or during Winter Term.  

NEWS 9/30/20 11:31pm

SGA hosts fireside chat with President Book to discuss student concerns

On Wednesday evening, Elon University’s Student Government Association hosted a fireside chat featuring President Connie Book with questions moderated by Vice President for Student Life Jon Dooley. Throughout the chat, Book answered pre-submitted questions as well as live questions from student government representatives and other Elon community members.

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