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NEWS 4/22/14 9:53pm

T. Rex exhibit opens at the Greensboro Science Center

The Greensboro Science Center has a new visitor named Sue. Sciquarium Programs Manager, Alison Manka, says she is quite the spectacle. "Most of the other exhibits we've had have not been to this scale, Sue is definitely the largest thing that we've ever had come visit here at the Greensboro Science Center," Manka said. Sue is the fossilized remains of an ancient Tyrannosaurus Rex.

NEWS 4/13/14 5:07pm

Yik Yik Causes Campus Controversy

[youtube=] The app called YikYak has been banned from 85 percent of the nation's high schools and middle schools, but it's quickly picking up traction around Elon's campus.

NEWS 3/9/14 10:47pm

Foster homes offer hope to dogs

When Senior Emily Tryon moved into her pet friendly apartment, she immediately began looking for a dog to be her new roommate. "I saw that Izzy's owner had died and she needed a place to stay, so I was like I'll take her," Tryon said. Tryon found Izzy through a group called Carolina Border Collie Rescue.

NEWS 11/18/13 9:50pm

Overcoming challenges and changing the future

A troubled childhood left 17-year-old Anna Malika searching for love. "All these things that I had been wanting to hear my whole life, I was finally hearing from him," Malika said. She met her 40-year-old ex-boyfriend while working at a movie theater.

NEWS 10/8/13 4:48pm

Researching to Save Lives

15 students from the class of 20-14 were awarded the Lumen prize, a 15,000 dollars scholarship that helps fund various academic endeavors.

NEWS 9/14/13 10:49pm

On-Campus Programs Defy College Stereotype

Drinking and college go together, or at least that's what many people think. The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism says more than 80 percent of college students drink alcohol.

NEWS 4/17/13 2:01pm

Hitting Home for Crossroads Tailgate

Sport and event management students hosted the Hitting Home for Crossroads tailgate on Sunday, April 14, at Hunt Softball Park. Students were able to enjoy food and fun games, but the main goal of the event was to raise awareness for Crossroads, a resource center in Burlington, that aims to reduce sexual violence.

NEWS 1/15/13 5:23pm

Greyhound Friends

Families across America are adopting dogs, but the one species that is often overlooked is the greyhound.

NEWS 12/5/12 11:06am

How to look for signs of relationship violence

Senior Chrissy Pacewicz knows first hand the dangers of an unhealthy relationship. "It started off fine and it was a good relationship and then I think he just became kind of possessive," said Pacewicz. At just 16 years old, Pacewicz found herself in a verbally abusive relationship. "He just kind of took everything out on me," said Pacewicz.

NEWS 11/5/12 9:14pm

Elon students say 'Thank You'

Two words that everyone wants to hear, but never get said enough: thank you. Elon's "A Thousand Thanks" campaign kicked off last week with the mission to collect more than a thousand hand-written thank-you notes to Elon donors. Students who participated were given a card in which they could write their own message to an Elon donor chosen at random. Amanda Zamzes graduated from Elon in 2008 and returned just a year later to work for the university. "As an Elon Alum, an Elon donor and an Elon staff person, I've realized what it takes, in very short part to run this university," Zamzes said. Zamzes' new found appreciation for donors led her to start the push for "A Thousand Thanks." "I am so lucky to have gone to school here, to study here and now to work here because I have had so many doors opened to me through donors contributions," Zamzes said.

NEWS 10/23/12 7:49pm

Community comes together for a cause

Pink ribbons, pink shirts and pink hair. October is breast cancer awareness month, and Elon community members are taking the opportunity to give back. One local business that continues to do just that is iSalon.

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