Two words that everyone wants to hear, but never get said enough: thank you. Elon's "A Thousand Thanks" campaign kicked off last week with the mission to collect more than a thousand hand-written thank-you notes to Elon donors.

Students who participated were given a card in which they could write their own message to an Elon donor chosen at random.

Amanda Zamzes graduated from Elon in 2008 and returned just a year later to work for the university.

"As an Elon Alum, an Elon donor and an Elon staff person, I've realized what it takes, in very short part to run this university," Zamzes said.

Zamzes' new found appreciation for donors led her to start the push for "A Thousand Thanks."

"I am so lucky to have gone to school here, to study here and now to work here because I have had so many doors opened to me through donors contributions," Zamzes said. " I just think it's nice for them to receive an unsolicited thank you note just saying we appreciate what you do."

Sophomore Katie Bachler believes that it's the personal touch that makes the difference.

"I know if I ever get a piece of mail that just has name typed on the front, I'm not going to open it. I'm going to assume its junk mail," Bachler said. "But when its personal, it kind of feels like you've actually done something."

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Elon donors come from all backgrounds, but many of them are current faculty and staff members. Last year, 65 percent of people who worked for Elon gave back to the university. Lauren Cox teaches an Elon 101 class and works in the accounting office. She is also a proud Elon donor.

"I know I give to the students everyday and I think they're wonderful," Cox said. "But it's just that extra step to have a piece of paper to say thank you that makes you really feel like you did the right thing."

The "A Thousand Thanks" campaign finished up their third year with the most thank you notes collected: 1,563. The grand total surpassed last year's total by more than 300 cards.