Classic cars littered old-fashioned streets and oldies music played from the speakers. Folks traveled back in time this weekend when they attended the Gibsonville Cruise In, which is only a few minutes off campus. In the midst of all the excitement, one car and one man stood out. His name is Doug Seawell and he builds classic cars for a living.

"The '69 Camaro behind us, I did that one, the '66 Chevelle in front of us, I did that one and probably I've done over 500," Seawell said.

One car, in particular, stole his heart.

"Sometimes I call it the beast, sometimes I call it another B word."

Today, the '67 Chevelle sits on display at Cruise-In's across North Carolina, but 40 years ago it was a drag race champion. Seawell campaigned it for 8 years on the drag race circuit and won three super stock world championships.

He started when he was just 21 years old and was trained by big name drivers like Warren Johnson and Bill Jenkins.

"If you don't have confidence in what you're doing, you don't need to be out here and I had all the confidence in the world, so I let it go," Seawell said.

Seawell's passion for drag racing is so strong; he has difficulties putting it into words.

"It's just a legal rush. It's better than any drug you can get out here on the streets as far as I'm concerned."

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He eventually retired and opened Doug Seawell Performance in Greensboro. His handy-work was all around the Cruise In and caught the attention of many car enthusiasts, including 10- year old Quentin Moize.

"I like that one right there! The motor looks like it's really cool and also the way it's black, it looks cooler," Moize said.

For Seawell, nothing beats the thrill of the drag strip, but the roads will have to do for now.

"Some people just drink more motor oil than other people, It's an addiction and you just don't want to ever give it up," Seawell said.

Gibsonville hosts Cruise-In's every fourth Saturday of the month from May to October.