Out-of-state students may face issues when voting in N.C. elections.

In an attempt to prevent voter fraud, North Carolina passed a bill that requires people to bring a government-issued photo identification to the polls. College identification card's and out-of-state driver's licenses will not be accepted as valid forms of identification. Unlike previous elections, the new bill restricts out-of-state students from the right to participate in N.C.elections. However, there is one option available for out-of-state students who choose to vote in North Carolina. Starting January 1, students can register for a no-fee voter identification at any North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles location.

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In order to receive a voter identification card, students must provide proof of identity, proof of residency and they must be registered to vote in North Carolina.

"We know that when college students start voting in college, they're more likely to continue voting throughout the rest of their lives. The worry is that anything you do to make that harder, could lead to loss in civic engagement throughout the United States population," Director of the Elon Poll, Dr. Jason Husser said.

Some people think that the law will work as a preventative measure, by only allowing people who truly care about the outcome of N.C. elections, the right to vote.

"It's a valid way to say if your passionate enough, you can get a North Carolina I.D.," Senior Patrick Brown said.

In addition to requiring a photo identification, the law ends same-day voter registration, reduces the early voting period and stops pre-registration for 16- and 17-year-olds. These changes will not go into effect until 2016.