NEWS 2/13/20 11:20pm

SGA passes bill to replace Safe Rides with Uber

In the first phase of the pilot program beginning after Spring Break, students will get two discounted Uber rides to anywhere geographically close to campus. It will replicate the range of Safe Rides, with off-campus housing along with Crest and Danieley included.

NEWS 2/13/20 8:41am

Early primary voting begins across North Carolina

The North Carolina primary is here. Voters can indicate their preference for their party’s candidate. For voters looking to participate prior to the primary date, early voting is an alternative solution. This process has been known to decrease lines and encourage voter participation. Any person looking to participate must be registered to vote in the state of North Carolina, no photo ID is required.

NEWS 2/12/20 12:47pm

Required registration hinders local low-risk sex offenders during reintegration

While the sex offender registry is intended to keep the community safe, researchers have questioned its effectiveness. Studies have found that the difficulties offenders face as a result of the registry can lead to recidivism, the tendency of a convicted criminal to reoffend. Left disadvantaged by the public registry and without a state-funded support structure, local offenders rely on community organizations for guidance.

NEWS 1/16/20 8:26am

SGA treasurer, finance board amend treasurer’s manual

Throughout Winter Term, Amanda Yaffa, senior and executive treasurer of Elon University’s Student Government Association, will draft changes to the treasurer’s manual with the finance board. Yaffa said she hopes to see the changes implemented in the spring semester when she said SGA will likely vote on the issue at the first or second business meeting in February.

NEWS 12/9/19 10:16am

International students studying abroad

Originally from Guatemala, senior Maria Rivera moved to the U.S. to attend Elon University. While she said it was a great opportunity to live in the U.S. and experience a new culture, Rivera said she wanted to expand her abroad experience and travel even farther.