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NEWS 3/16/21 8:06pm

Elon students vie for SGA executive vice president

Three candidates vie for the executive vice presidential spot in Elon University's Student Government Association, with juniors Chloe Yoon and Ireland Horan and sophomore Trevor Molin running for the position. The executive vice president serves as the speaker of the senate and only votes on legislation in the case of a tie. They can also call any special meetings of the senate, and appoint senators to senate committees, as well as committee chairs. 

NEWS 10/26/20 1:25pm

Elon Votes encourages civic engagement

Elon Votes! is a student-led, nonpartisan initiative on campus aimed to engage students in civic and political participation. The initiative started in 2014 and is currently the exclusive voter registration organization on campus.

NEWS 3/3/20 9:10pm

Elon SGA elects new representatives for 2020

Miley won the election over junior Brandon Veal by 25 votes. According to SGA, 2,250 students voted, and Miley won by a 1.1% margin. Student participation in the election dropped by about 17% from last year, when 2,705 students voted.

NEWS 2/27/20 11:06am

Onto the next budget

The campaign for Student Government Association officially began Monday, Feb. 24. The candidates running for executive treasurer are juniors Claire Babey and Andrew Ciampa.

NEWS 2/13/20 11:20pm

SGA passes bill to replace Safe Rides with Uber

In the first phase of the pilot program beginning after Spring Break, students will get two discounted Uber rides to anywhere geographically close to campus. It will replicate the range of Safe Rides, with off-campus housing along with Crest and Danieley included.

LIFESTYLE 10/30/19 2:55pm

Elon and Burlington prep for Halloween

Halloween is one of the many events that bring the university and local community together. This year, events like Haunted Harper and Loy Village trick or treating aim to include the kids of Elon with the students. On Thursday, Mill Point will also be giving out candy to Halloween-goers.  

NEWS 10/11/19 8:00am

National movement gets support from Sierra Student Coalition

Among the bustling College Coffee crowd sits a bare table with two students and a few papers laid out. The students are a part of the Sierra Student Coalition, a group of Elon students motivated to bring awareness to environmental issues through discussion, activism and service. 

NEWS 9/9/19 8:00am

Trump makes visit to Fayetteville, NC

President Donald Trump will be in North Carolina for his seventh visit to the state since winning the presidency in November 2016. The rally is taking place in Fayetteville, North Carolina, on Monday, Sept. 9 — just one day before the special congressional election for the state’s ninth district.

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