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NEWS 8/24/18 4:39pm

Move-in 2018: Global Neighborhood

This morning, the Global Neighborhood, welcomed freshmen with smiles and free Elon gear. Residence Life assistant, and Elon junior, Jasmine Walters, said that the goal of the day was “to show students that they have a community and a sense of belonging.”

NEWS 5/18/18 5:08pm

Data released from the Student Professional Development Center (SPDC) indicates that the Class of 2017 was one of the most successful classes in Elon’s history.

LIFESTYLE 4/18/18 12:53pm


Elon University School of Communications students have the chance to win the Fan Favorite award, as measured by the #ContestMovieLife hashtag on social media.

NEWS 10/4/17 7:00am

Glossing over Puerto Rico

For three Elon University students, going home for Fall and Thanksgiving Break will mean facing a new reality on the island of Puerto Rico.  Hurricane Maria struck the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico Sept. 20., two weeks after the island was barraged by Hurricane Irma. The recovery is estimated to take years and cost $30-60 billion. As of Oct. 2, 16 people have been confirmed dead by Maria, while 30 remain missing. Meanwhile, the majority of the island is still without power and lacking access to basic necessities such as clean water, fuel and food.

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