LIFESTYLE 4/25/18 3:00pm

Syrian refugee defies the odds

Saria Samakie, a Syrian refugee, has already lived a long life at age 21. Now a freshman at Georgetown University, he was awarded the Arrupe Scholarship and speaks nationally about his experiences as an immigrant.

LIFESTYLE 4/18/18 1:56pm

Soaring with aerial silks

Recently, members of the Zenitry family received news that the owner of the studio is stepping down in order to care for her newborn baby, and if a replacement is not found soon, the studio will close by the end of May. 

LIFESTYLE 4/18/18 12:53pm


Elon University School of Communications students have the chance to win the Fan Favorite award, as measured by the #ContestMovieLife hashtag on social media.

LIFESTYLE 4/15/18 5:00pm

Life in Smith Hall

Though many call it gross, some call it the best place to live on Elon University’s campus.  Nestled between the Duke building and Carolina residence hall, Smith Hall is the Historic Neighborhood dormitory that has a unique characteristic: it’s the only place on campus where only men can live.

LIFESTYLE 4/12/18 5:08pm

Elon sophomore uses crafting to create own business

Courtney Chambers decided to launch a do-it-yourself craft blog. At the time, DIY companies were only geared toward children, so she was eager to create a platform that gave teenagers the ability to express themselves. “We want to provide our generation with a place to go to find inspiration ... and feel capable of creating things,” Courtney said.

LIFESTYLE 4/10/18 4:45pm

Elon to celebrate Hindu festival Holi on Friday

The colorful and lively Hindu festival of Holi will be celebrated at Elon this month with vibrant colored paints, dyes and music.  The Holi festival will occur in Speakers' Corner 4 p.m. Friday, April 13. Following the festival will be Indian Shabbat held in the Numen Lumen Pavilion 7 p.m. 

LIFESTYLE 3/28/18 8:24pm

HerCampus brings The Brand Girls to Elon

Sunscreen, lipstick and hairspray lined the seats of McEwen 209 on Wednesday night. The Her Campus chapter at Elon University partnered with The Brand Girls. This crossover event encouraged female students to follow their passions in the workforce. 

LIFESTYLE 3/14/18 12:03pm

The story behind the jumps and turns

The velvet red curtain opens to reveal an empty black stage. There’s complete silence. A few seconds pass and a light beams from above on to a single dancer draped in royal blue, with mysterious fog lingering in the background. Abby Corrigan lifts her head and stares into the audience. This is Echoes. 

LIFESTYLE 3/3/18 1:20pm

Elon reflects on majority and non-majority relationships

“I understand that Elon has been working on increasing diversity on campus trying to triple international students. However, Elon as a whole has a lot more work to do before it can accommodate such an increase within a group that requires more to adjust than majority students,” Kamal said.

LIFESTYLE 3/2/18 3:23pm

Building to success: Elon’s national physique competitor

Elon University sophomore Michael Lombard is not your everyday student athlete. He doesn't just count his caloric intake, watch his nutrition, keep track of his protein and lift heavy weights to stay in shape or play a sport, he is preparing to compete and show off his razor-cut physique in a World Natural Bodybuilding Federation (WNBF) competition in May.