What’s black, white and has cows all over? It’s Maple View’s County Line Creamery!

The ice cream shop, located in downtown Gibsonville, opened last March–just a short seven minute drive from campus. Since its opening, it has been popular with Elon students and locals alike. 

Maple View Ice Cream’s first location opened its doors in 2001. According to its website, the founders, Robert Nutter and Muffin Brosig, pride themselves on using only the freshest cream and the highest quality ingredients. 

Almost every ingredient in each of their flavors is purchased from local farms. This includes strawberries, peaches, blueberries, and more when in season. As for the dairy, all of the cream Maple View uses is sourced from their very own 400 acre dairy farm, where they have around 400 Holstein cows, according to manager Stephanie Barts. 

400 cows means a lot of fresh milk and it is all put to good use whether it is being bottled and sold or being turned into cream.

“We make it into cream and it is sent over to our ice cream shop which is not even 500 yards down the road," Barts said. "It is made in old metal turbines."

With 12 permanent flavors and wide variety of seasonal flavors, customers are sure to find just what they are looking for. The store always offers at least 20 flavors on any given day and has different options like malts, milkshakes, floats, and banana splits.

With flavors based off of colleges, like “The Phoenix” for Elon, “Carolina Crunch” for the University of North Carolina and “Devil’s Delight” for Duke University, it’s no wonder this is a popular destination for students.

Samantha Casamento | Elon News Network

"The Gibson" and banana pudding flavors from Maple View's County Line Creamery.

“I love making people feel happy I’m glad we can do that through ice cream,” Barts said. “When people bring little kids in here and they have ice cream all over their faces it makes me happy.”

Maple View fans, Karrington, 5, and Harper, 2, of Guilford County, stopped by with their dad for an afternoon treat and were pretty happy with their choices. When asked what their favorite topping was, the immediate response was “rainbow sprinkles” of course. However, one look at their faces could have told you that. Let’s just say there were sprinkles... everywhere. 

It is customers, like Karrington and Harper, that Barts says make the employees want to work harder because they feel as though they are truly helping people and making people happy. 

“You just know you’re helping build the community,” Barts said.

Maple View’s County Line Creamery is always looking for suggestions on how to improve and encourages students to stop by and tell them what college students want out of their local ice-cream shop.