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NEWS 2/22/21 8:34am

Under their wings: Students with autism find structure at 3 Bluebirds Farm during the pandemic

While exposure to the outside world has been limited during the COVID-19 pandemic, students with autism face a new set of challenges that have been exacerbated by fluctuating measures regarding hybrid instruction in the Wake County School System. Approximately one year after the onset of the pandemic, parents with students in special education programs still find themselves left behind by Wake County.

NEWS 10/16/20 12:29pm

Elon ROTC cadets meet with Space Force representatives

Gen. David Thompson, the recently-appointed first vice chief of space operations for the U.S.  Space Force spoke to Residential Officer Training Corps programs across North Carolina during a lecture at North Carolina A&T State University on Thursday. 

NEWS 8/23/20 11:17am

Elon University to enforce COVID-19 policy violations

As Elon University returns to in-person instruction, students and staff are bracing themselves to enforce accountability within the Elon community during a global pandemic. COVID-19 guidelines will be enforced through the student conduct, with some schools within the university having specific guidelines.

LIFESTYLE 3/15/19 6:39pm

Rabbi Sandra Lawson reimagines race and religion

After being hired by Elon University last June, Rabbi Sandra Lawson has explored the meaning of inclusion on Elon's campus through her intersectional approach. Because of her experience outside of religion and her transition to becoming a spiritual leader, Lawson's self-creation of her own meaning of Judaism has influenced her approach toward Elon students, faculty and the community.

NEWS 8/24/18 4:35pm

Move-in 2018: Colonnades Neighborhood

New students eagerly moved in to the Colonnades Neighborhood this morning. Starting at 7:30 a.m., orientation leaders and resident assistants welcomed the new Elon families in the neighborhood parking lot and helped with check-in, carrying boxes and pushing blue carts.

NEWS 1/15/18 7:08pm

N.C. congressional districts to be redrawn after accusations of partisan gerrymandering

On Jan. 9, 2018, the federal district court ruled against the North Carolina legislature’s motion to redraw 13 congressional districts. This is the first time that the federal court has ruled against gerrymandering on a partisan basis. Jessica Carew, assistant professor of political science, explains the federal district court’s decision to redraw the North Carolina congressional map.

NEWS 11/7/17 7:00am

New neighborhood built to focus on political activism

It’s been more than six months since the East campus gym was demolished, but three residential halls will take its place by August 2018. While the name of the East campus residential neighborhood has not been determined, it will provide housing for 309 students — both freshmen and sophomores — according to Brad Moore, director of construction management.

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