Sunscreen, lipstick and hairspray lined the seats of McEwen 209 on Wednesday night. The Her Campus chapter at Elon University partnered with The Brand Girls. This crossover event encouraged female students to follow their passions in the workforce. 

The Brand Girls covered defining your brand, creating resumes, pitching yourself, and how to talk with potential employers. Senior Hanna Anderson is an ambassador for The Brand Girls and spoke at the event. She compared these workshops to SAT prep classes, saying it’s a workshop you take in college to get your dream job. 

According to its website, The Brand Girls “are on the ground change-makers allowing women to bring their dreams, aspirations and voice to the forefront."

“The Brand Girls is a transformative, four-session workshop for girls who are lost and unsure about their professional futures,” she said. 

The co-presidents of Elon’s Her Campus chapter, Katherine McGowan and Brooke Galonek, were excited to see the benefits of the crossover between two organizations run by Elon students. 

“Our members can see the end goal of Her Campus and what it can do,” McGowan said

“This event allows for good bonding for our members and helps them build confidence and leadership skills,” Galonek said.