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NEWS 11/30/12 6:54pm

Hurricane Sandy pushes Elon to extend application deadline

Elon University's admissions has extended the deadline for early decision and early action applicants to accommodate applicants who have been affected by Hurricane Sandy "It shows we're in tune with what is going on in people's lives," said Greg Zaiser, vice president of admissions and financial planning. The early decision deadline was moved from Nov.

NEWS 11/29/12 6:05am

A child’s escape from Nazi Germany: Henry Landsberger grew out of his misfortune

At 6 years old, he recognized the threat Adolf Hitler’s regime posed. Jewish and German-born, Henry Landsberger sensed the approaching danger. It was evident by the way three men responded to the passing Storm Troopers with an outstretched arm; by the way Landsberger’s teammates harassed him following a soccer game; by the way his father fell silent after surviving a month in Buchenwald; by the way Germany slowly disappeared from view as he headed toward London, a passenger on the Kindertransport. “I don’t think I had any regrets about leaving because I was so aware of the terrible situation,” Landsberger, 86, said.

NEWS 11/20/12 10:49am

Gauging Obamacare

Home | In the Medical Field | Religion & Healthcare | Voting Elon community's perspective on the Health Care Reform Act Home In the Medical Field Opinions Religion & Healthcare Voting About this website In light of the recent election, this report analyzes the extent to which healthcare affects the Elon community.

NEWS 11/9/12 2:42pm

Maureen Dowd argues U.S. presidents reflect paternal influence

One day after the presidential election, New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd offered a psychoanalysis of the nation's leaders, relating the political arena to a theatrical display of family drama. Dowd, Elon University's Baird Pulitzer Prize lecturer, turned attention away from the most recent political contest and instead emphasized how father-son relationships influence the behaviors of United States presidents. "Presidential campaigns have an underlying paternal theme," Dowd said, referencing promises to protect the house against international invaders or a menacing financial situation. The candidates continually compete to portray themselves as America's father, king or hero, according to the Pulitzer Prize winner. The constructed narrative presents a nobleman's quest, a revered victory and a shared celebration with their constituents, she said.

NEWS 10/28/12 3:32pm

Jill Jacobs explains Jewish values’ influence on modern practices

A fight for social justice revolved around a tomato. Tomato farms in Immokalee, Fla. and throughout the state are grounds for modern day slavery and human trafficking, said Rabbi Jill Jacobs, executive director of Rabbis for Human Rights-North America. Jacobs spoke about the plight of tomato pickers, the road to developing ethical agricultural practices and how Jewish tradition directed her responsibility toward others in a lecture titled "Taking Judaism Public: What Traditional Wisdom Can Teach America" at Elon University Oct.

NEWS 10/23/12 4:19pm

Elon Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day shows division on campus

Student activities concerning Chick-fil-A's presence on campus has illuminated division within the Elon University community, most recently with the establishment of Elon University Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day today. Elon students senior Patrick Brown, freshman Jack Whalen and junior Michael Small created and publicized the event on Facebook. The day corresponds with a Student Government Association Senate  vote as to whether to uphold SGA Executive President Darien Flowers' veto of the resolution to terminate Elon University's relationship with Chick-fil-A.

NEWS 10/12/12 12:57am

Aramark employee fired because of sexual harassment, he said

Eddie Talley, an Aramark employee commonly known as "Acorn Eddie," was fired for "sexually harassing" students Thursday afternoon, according to an article published by Elon Local News. He said that he is not interested in returning to Elon University, but would like to maintain a relationship with the students, according to the ELN report.

NEWS 10/5/12 12:15am

Maya Angelou recognizes the 'rainbow in the clouds'

A standing ovation welcomed Maya Angelou to Elon University as she emerged from the behind the curtain and captivated the filled auditorium. "God put a rainbow in the cloud," she sang into the microphone, punctuating the last note with a light laugh. Although the melody derived from a 19th century folk song, she explained the significance of the rainbow originates from a Biblical story. "We are told in Genesis that rain had persisted so relentlessly we thought it would never cease," she said.

NEWS 10/3/12 2:28pm

Angelou embodies themes of common reading program

The Fall Convocation speaker traditionally encapsulates the vision of the institution. Maya Angelou, this year’s speaker, emphasizes Elon University’s commitment to diversity, analysis of the treatment of minorities and the value of writing. The 20th century Renaissance woman establishes a connection between students and American history. “Angelou has experienced the issues practically all African Americans had to deal with in the 20th century, and she has been a spokesperson for thinking about difference and thinking about diversity and how people relate to one another,” said Jeffrey Coker, chairman of the common reading committee and director of general studies. Angelou grew up in Stamps, Ark.

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