Two Elon Univeristy students have been charged with five crimes, including vandalism of the Multi-faith Center 12:55 a.m. Oct. 1. Elon Univeristy campus police officers on a routine patrol heard noises coming from the area and saw an individual through one of the windows in the building, according to Douglas Dotson, campus safety and police captain.

The officers went inside, and the two students took off running when they saw the officers approaching, Dotson said. The officers confronted the two individuals and found holes knocked into the walls and a broken window.

"Yes, it was a religious building, but there is no evidence that it was a hate crime," said Jan Fuller, university chaplain.

Fuller walked through the Multi-faith Center with the project supervisor Monday morning.

"There was nothing written and nothing destroyed that has religious import," she said. "There is nothing in the building of religious import yet."

Junior Kenneth Hayes and junior Matthew Dattilo have been charged with real property damage, breaking and entering, underage consumption of alcoholic beverage and resisting arrest and possession of a fake driver's license. Dattilo has been charged with possession of a fictitious driver's license as well.

Travis Sykes, campus police officer, filed the incident report. The case is currently being further investigated.

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