At approximately 1:19 a.m. Oct. 7 Lt. James Perry of Town of Elon Police responded to a call regarding an assault that occurred on West Haggard Avenue between N. Holt and Manning Avenue.

Perry received a call from Campus Police about the incident that had occurred off campus.

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The victim, 21-year-old Taylor Faucett of Mebane, N.C., was approached by a 6-foot, black male with dreadlocks who requested $5 to use for gas money. When Faucett reached for his wallet, the assailant struck him with a crowbar. According to the police report, Faucett said six or seven additional black males started to kick him.

The attack resulted in a gash on his head and multiple abrasions. The victim was taken to the hospital by a friend, but left without being treated.

During the incident, someone took his wallet, which contained $100 in cash, his license and a check card among other items. The estimated value of property stolen totals approximately $135.

When Perry spoke with Campus Police he found Faucett provided Paul Smith, corporal at Campus Safety and Police, with a different story. The case is currently under further investigation.

Smith Jackson, vice president and dean of student life, advised calling 911 immediately in response to any security or suspicious situation.