Elon University's admissions has extended the deadline for early decision and early action applicants to accommodate applicants who have been affected by Hurricane Sandy

"It shows we're in tune with what is going on in people's lives," said Greg Zaiser, vice president of admissions and financial planning.

The early decision deadline was moved from Nov. 1 to Nov. 5, and the university received 1,400 applicants. Additionally, the early action deadline, the most popular deadline under which students apply, extended until Nov. 12.

The areas impacted include New Jersey, Maryland and Pennsylvania, which account for an estimated 30 percent of where Elon applicants are from, according to Zaiser.

Nevertheless, he said the university would have extended the deadline regardless of which area was hit out of concern for those suffering in our nation.

"It's just responsible," he said. "More than anything it's to be sensitive. These people are suffering beyond belief. The goal is to be sensitive to people."

Faculty members in admissions communicated the extension using social media platforms, as well as the university website. Furthermore, regional representatives informed people in person following the storm.

"In a very electronic age, we still did grassroots to make sure the staff knew immediately," Zaiser said.

Although the university initiated the deadline extension, Zaiser said he is mindful that Elon still offers a regular deadline. He advised a student to take advantage of the final deadline rather than rushing through the application after experiencing nine days without power.

Nationally, university admissions offices have introduced similar practices, he said.

In previous years snowstorms have provoked university admissions to change application deadlines as well.

"Weather wreaks havoc on deadlines," Zaiser said.

While such events usually occurred during the winter months, the fall has exhibited destructive patterns and caused a deadline or two to be changed as well.