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NEWS 4/6/16 10:53am

PBS 'NewsHour' anchor advises importance of humanities

Poetry and journalism. Not two topics often linked together, but Jeffrey Brown, co-anchor and senior correspondent for the PBS nightly news program "NewsHour," incorporated the two when talking to an audience in Whitley Auditorium Tuesday evening. The speech, "Politics and Poetry: One Reporter's Notebook," was part of the 11th annual James P.

NEWS 3/10/16 8:49pm

Junior launches wedding planning business

Junior Katharine Mann doesn't just fantasize about her own wedding. She dreams about other brides' big days as well. "Having someone telling me what that vision is and making it come to life that's just what it's all about, making that big day so special for the bride and groom," she said. Mann became a certified wedding planner last month after a two-day class in Greensboro with The Bridal Society, a wedding planning certification agency.

NEWS 2/15/16 2:37pm

Area high school students get jump start on college

"You're allowed to eat in class. I love it. You're also allowed to just get up and go to the bathroom without signing anything or taking a pass," high school senior Laci Breen said. Breen has gotten a newfound taste of independence in a college classroom as part of Collegiate Start at Elon, a program that lets area high school students take up to two college courses.

SPORTS 5/4/15 8:46pm

Jack Isenbarger begins a business in basketball

Former Elon basketball player Jack Isenbarger has heard the sound of dribbling all of his life, but it's who he's shooting hoops with now that's changing the rhythm of his game. "Any time I can do something where it involves youth and basketball, I'm all about it," Isenbarger said. Isenbarger started the Alamance Basketball Academy in February, teaching the fundamentals of basketball to the youth of Alamance County. "It was something that just made sense really," he said.

NEWS 4/23/15 3:47pm

College Cooking: The Root's Foodie Grilled Cheese

In honor of National Grilled Cheese Month, I visited The Root Trackside and learned how to make their famous Foodie Grilled Cheese. According to General Manager Quinn Ray, all of The Root's ingredients are fresh and not store bought.

NEWS 1/16/15 5:45pm

From outside the bubble: Transitioning to Elon

While hundreds of freshmen were receiving acorns at convocation, first-year Cora Abdoo was far from being Under the Oaks. "I still have the acorn," Abdoo said, "but instead of saying 'I sat here with a bunch of people,' I have a more unique story." Abdoo's convocation took place on a rural field in Wyoming during the first part of her Gap Semester program. "Even though it was less traditional and less formal," she said, "I think that it was still helpful and good." Abdoo believes her trip across the country and to Costa Rica readied her for the college atmosphere. "It made me so much more prepared to go here.

NEWS 11/24/14 12:27am

Habitat for Humanity changes lives of Burlington family

Tanisha Lea knows what it's like to struggle. "People shouldn't have to make the decisions that I had to make between do I pay the light bill or do I buy groceries," said Lea, a Habitat for Humanity homeowner. Eight years ago, Lea, a single mom, struggled to pay her rent and keep food on the table. "There were plenty of days when I didn't know where our meal was going to come from that night," she said. After talking to a co-worker about Habitat for Humanity, Lea applied for the program. "Right before I applied for the Habitat program, it was a very low point in life for me.

NEWS 11/16/14 8:40pm

Allied Church worker relates to those he serves

National Hunger and Homeless Awareness Week occurs the week prior Thanksgiving; according to a statistic issued by the Center for the Carolinas, there are 144 people affected by homelessness in Alamance County. "I could've been out on the street because I didn't have a way to go," Allied Churches worker Marcus Sowell said. Sowell is a maintenance worker at Allied Churches, helping the people who are somewhere he almost ended up. "I just feel the biggest empathy and respect for everybody who can get up and still want to live after sleeping on the ground," he said. When Sowell was younger, he ventured out on his own and struggled with finding a job and keeping steady housing. "At one point you feel the need to give up.

NEWS 10/19/14 11:29pm

Dr. Danieley shows alumni Elon's transformation on bus tour

President Emeritus Earl Danieley played tour guide Friday, Oct. 17, taking alumni on a BioBus tour of campus. "Can everybody hear me in the back?" Dr. Danieley asked the full bus before departing. Some alumni reserved their spots on the bus early specifically to hear Dr. Danieley tell the tale of a school he's been at for over 70 years. "We got here 45 minutes early.

NEWS 9/22/14 11:17pm

Elon mother-daughter duo share passion for fashion

Elon students often recognize Judy Tillotson as the employee who greets them in Upstairs McEwen. While Tillotson enjoys her job at Elon, she has a passion for fashion. "I think that both of us will be divas until we die.

NEWS 8/26/14 11:15pm

Elon upgrades phoenix cards

For sophomores and upper classmen, phoenix cards are about to get an upgrade, and yes, students may get their pictures retaken. The university is moving to contactless, nonswipe cards, which first year students have already received.

NEWS 5/7/14 9:39pm

Student accident reinforces pedestrian safety tips

"I thought he was stopping and I went ahead into the crosswalk, and he kept going and he just hit me," said freshman Caroline Patterson. Patterson is still recovering after getting hit by a car on May 6 while riding her bike to class.

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