Elon students often recognize Judy Tillotson as the employee who greets them in Upstairs McEwen. While Tillotson enjoys her job at Elon, she has a passion for fashion.

"I think that both of us will be divas until we die. It's just something that's in our blood," said Burlington Brands Store Manager Candida Gutierrez.

McEwen Dining Hall Cashier Judy Tillotson, Miss Judy to students, expresses herself through fashion, according to Gutierrez, her daughter.

"Whether you now it or not, my mother has always been very fashionable. She doesn't show that side at Elon because she's in her uniform, but if she had her way about it, she'd be dolled up everyday," Gutierrez said.

Miss Judy's love of fashion has rubbed off on Gutierrez and has become a passion that they share.

"I remember borrowing tops and things of her's and earrings for my class school pictures growing up. I remember getting all dolled up for picture day and sneaking into her closet and getting a top," Gutierrez said.

The love is a family affair, as Miss Judy credits her dad for her fashion sense.

"My dad was a well dresser. My mom dressed well too, but my dad, he's like us. He's got to have the bling bling and be real sharp, as he would say," she said.


"Bling, bling" is popular for the mother-daughter duo, but Mrs. Judy doesn't always get to accessorize at work.

"You [Miss Judy] don't always get to show it off in the dining hall, but I guess that's how I can pull it off for you at work and wear it," Gutierrez said.

Sharing their jewelry and clothes, the two have similar fashion tastes.

"We like to have our own style that's for sure. We don't really follow anybody else," Gutierrez said.

Gutierrez now displays her lifelong love of fashion everyday through her job.

"I just have a passion for beautiful things and I like servicing people where I can make them feel good when they leave my store," she said.

Working as the store manager of Burlington Brands' Alamance Crossing location, Mrs. Judy believes her daughter is making customers feel comfortable.

"Yes, you [Gutierrez] are very good with customers," Miss Judy said.

What does Mrs. Judy like the most about her daughter's job?

"We can get a bargain," Miss Judy said.

As for the duo's next fashion move, they are hoping to stay stylish far into the future.

"You know, you can see some older ladies and how they dress and present themselves, and I just hope I can be like that too when I get to that age," Miss Judy said.

"If you can't pull it off, Mama, I'll help you. We'll make sure you look good," Gutierrez said. "That's what we're about, making sure you look good."