In honor of National Grilled Cheese Month, I visited The Root Trackside and learned how to make their famous Foodie Grilled Cheese.

According to General Manager Quinn Ray, all of The Root's ingredients are fresh and not store bought. Ray said the cheese, such as the white sharp cheddar put in the cheese blend for the sandwich, is shredded each day.

Along with the white sharp cheddar, chefs mix the restaurant's secret aioli, a garlic-flavored mayonnaise, sauce to make the blend. Once it's creamy, the blend is spread across each half of the white bread. The sandwich is then cooked on a flat-top grill and is ready for customer's taste buds.

According to Ray, the name behind the grilled cheese comes from foodies, or people who truly enjoy food.

Ray recommended oven dried tomatoes, spinach and avocado as toppings to try in a sandwich. He said tomato basil soup is a great pairing with the Foodie Grilled Cheese.