Updated on June 25 at 2:38 p.m. with quotes from a frequent Paulie's Pub and Grill patron.

Paul Jaskulski, owner of Paulie's Pub and Grill,  died from a heart attack Wednesday night, according to a post on the bar's Instagram page.

"Last night I received the worst news a friend could receive," Terry Stacyer, Jaskulski's best friend, wrote on the bar's Instagram page. "I would like to share the thousands, I mean thousands of stories we have since we met in 1964. He will never leave my heart." 

Elon alumna Rachel Sword '20 said she got to know Paulie well over the years and she valued his relationship with the community.

"Regardless of if it was 1 a.m. on a Thursday or 2 p.m. on a Sunday afternoon, Paulie always wanted to catch up," Sword said. "He genuinely cared about the Elon students that came to the bar more than any other business owner I know in the Elon area."

Paulie's Pub and Grill is one of several bars just off of Elon University's campus. Jaskulski moved to Elon from Cleveland in 2017 after purchasing Tony's Pub-N-Subs. The bar, located on 415 W. Haggard Ave, was eventually renamed to Paulie's Pub and Grill.  

“Paulie’s will keep on doing what it does, and it’s what we do best,” Jaskulski told Elon News Network in January. “It’s family-oriented and out-to-please. We have a great value and great food for everyone who comes.”

Jaskulski married the bar's manager Tammi Perry during a public wedding at Paulie's Bar and Grill this past Halloween. At the time of their wedding, the couple had known each other for four years. 

Luke Johnson | Elon News Network

Newly weds Paul and Tammi Jaskulski celebrate a Halloween wedding at their Family owned bar Paulie's. They plan to honeymoon in December at Myrtle Beach and follow that up with a short cruise. Paul has owned the bar for three years and has known Tammi for four.


"I really think it takes a special kind of business owner to want to spend an event like your wedding with your customers," Sword said. "He will be missed by so many Elon students and alum[i] alike."

Paulie's Bar and Grill will be closed until further notice, according to a post on their Facebook page.