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Margaret '23 is at Elon University studying journalism and international global studies with a focus on the Arabic language. Faust is a proud reporter and fill in anchor for Elon Local News. She is particularly interested in covering the environment and education throughout the county. When she isn't in the newsroom, she is usually hiking or baking. Since studying abroad in Cairo, Egypt, Faust's new professional goal is to be an environmental reporter in the Middle East.    

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NEWS 5/3/23 9:26pm

Elon University celebrates 15 years of “It Takes A Village” Project

The “It Takes a Village” Project partnership between Alamance-Burlington School System and Elon University celebrated 15 years of tutoring elementary school students across the county. Through the project — known simply as the Village Project — Elon students and other volunteers have tutored ABSS students in 12 Title I elementary schools across Alamance county. The program started in 2008 as a semester project in former Elon professor Jean Rattigan-Rohr's literature class to improve the reading skills of struggling ABSS students.

NEWS 4/26/23 10:28pm

Elon University hosts Ukrainian novelist who writes about Russian censorship

In 2014, journalist and novelist Yuriy Lukanov was reporting from Kramatorsk, Ukraine. He remembers trying to open a bottle of red wine with friends that they bought from the only store open in the deserted city. They couldn’t find a corkscrew and ended up using a cleaning rod to push the cork into the bottle and enjoy the wine. To him, this was more than an inconvenience. It is a metaphor for how disruptive war can be. Lukanov told this story during a presentation he gave hosted by the Love School of Business and Vitaliy Strohush, Elon professor of economics. Lukanov emphasized the dangers of a censored press in Russia and the role novels can play in honest and creative storytelling. 

NEWS 4/26/23 4:44pm

Ukrainian journalist, novelist visits Elon University

Ukrainian journalist and novelist Yuriy Lukanov is on campus today and will speak to the Elon University community about his new novel “Reporter Volkovsky.” Vitaliy Strohush, a professor of economics at Elon, is friends with Lukanov and invited him to campus as the last stop on his book tour around the continental U.S. 

NEWS 4/6/23 8:36am

Elon University professor, Iraqi native wants to return home

A car bomb exploded in Baghdad, Iraq — targeting a government official. Elon professor of communication design Ahmed Fadaam could see the smoke from his front door. He grabbed his camera and drove through his neighborhood, following the smoke. When he arrived at the scene of the explosion, he remembered seeing dead bodies everywhere. This was 20 years ago, but Fadaam remembers the details clearly. Fadaam was a photojournalist for the news organization Agence France-Presse and went to work, taking photos of the explosion. Seeing him with a camera, the Iraqi soldiers grew skeptical of Fadaam. 

NEWS 3/22/23 3:29pm

Elon University hosts Iraq War panel 20 years after invasion

When the U.S. invaded Afghanistan in 2001, Ahmed Abdullah Al Fadaam, Elon University professor of communication design, lived with his wife and two children in Baghdad. He suspected Iraq would be next. Then in 2003, a mortar shell — an explosive weapon — fell in their neighbor’s yard, making his prediction a reality. 

NEWS 2/10/23 10:17am

Free tutoring returns to Haw River Elementary school for preschoolers

Starting at the end of the month, the Little Village Project, a subset of the It Takes a Village Project, will resume after a three year hiatus due to a lack of resources during the COVID pandemic in 2020. The program, founded in 2014, is designed specifically for pre-K students, in hopes of preparing them for kindergarten. 

NEWS 9/28/22 8:00am

Debate sparked after book removed from ABSS shelves

Pornographic, pedophilia, discriminatory, helpful and a resource. These were all words used by attendees of the Alamance-Burlington School System Board of Education meeting on Sept. 26 to debate “Gender Queer: A Memoir” by Maia Kobabe and the book’s place in ABSS school libraries. 

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