Margaret Faust

Margaret '23 is at Elon University studying journalism and international global studies with a focus on the Arabic language. Faust is a proud reporter and fill in anchor for Elon Local News. She is particularly interested in covering the environment and education throughout the county. When she isn't in the newsroom, she is usually hiking or baking. Since studying abroad in Cairo, Egypt, Faust's new professional goal is to be an environmental reporter in the Middle East.    

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NEWS 5/16/22 2:45pm

Campaigning for Alamance-Burlington Board of Education: Dan Ingle hopes to address school safety, transparency and athletics

Dan Ingle wears many hats. A representative in the North Carolina General Assembly House, town of Elon chief of police, Alamance County commissioner and Elon University criminal investigator are a few of Ingle’s past positions. Now, the 69-year-old retiree is running for one of three seats on the Alamance Burlington School System’s board of education. 

NEWS 4/20/22 11:03am

Prices across Elon University's campus, downtown increase due to inflation

The increase in prices is a result of the high inflation rate for the U.S., which is 8.5% in 2022 — the highest since December 1981 according to the U.S. Department of Labor. The most recent Consumer Price Index Summary from the department also reported that inflation rates have hit record 40-year highs for the fifth consecutive month. Consumer prices rose 8.5% in the last year, and take out food has even risen 6.9% in the last year.  

NEWS 4/22/21 12:34pm

Solar farm hindered from powering the university

The 15-acre solar farm was constructed in 2015 and consists of 9,900 individual solar cells. At its full potential, the farm is expected to generate 4,500 megawatt-hours of electricity annually, though the electricity produced over the past three years has been a little under 3,000 megawatt hours of energy annually, due in part to cloudy days. 

SPORTS 3/3/21 3:22pm

Elon Athletics surveys varsity athletes about diversity

Elon Athletics sent an anonymous survey to all athletes last week about diversity and inclusion in the school’s varsity athletics programs, according to Associate Director of Athletics Faith Shearer. Shearer also serves as the deputy Title IX coordinator and oversees diversity and inclusion efforts in Elon Athletics. 

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