NEWS 11/3/21 12:01am

RESULTS: Elon Board of Aldermen

With five out of five town of Elon precincts reported in, there were 1,172 total votes for the Elon Board of Alderman Election. There were 623 votes for Bourland, 522 for Orwig and 27 write-in ballots on election day. 

NEWS 11/2/21 9:26pm

LIVE BLOG: Elon Mayor

Two candidates campaigned for mayor of the town of Elon. Emily Sharpe, who currently serves as a Board of Aldermen member for the town, and Michael Woods, who previously ran for a seat on Elon’s Board of Aldermen in 2019.

NEWS 11/2/21 9:18pm

LIVE BLOG: Burlington Mayor

Two candidates campaigned for Burlington mayor. Incumbent and Elon alumnus Ian Baltutis has served as the mayor of Burlington since 2015. Jim Butler is a current member of the Burlington City Council and has served on the city council since 2017. 

NEWS 11/2/21 9:16pm

LIVE BLOG: Elon Board of Aldermen

Elon University staff member Stephanie Bourland and Elon Community Church Senior Pastor Randy Orwig will fill the two vacant seats on the Elon Board of Alderman. The polls have closed which means Bourland and Orwig, who were running unopposed, will join the board. 

NEWS 11/2/21 8:42pm

LIVE BLOG: Burlington City Council

Four candidates battled for two open seats on Burlington’s City Council. Harold Owen, Ronnie Wall, Dejuana Bigelow and Bob Byrd all campaigned in the 2021 race. Only two will have seats on the council.

NEWS 10/28/21 3:51pm

Town of Elon extends water bill deadline

All residents in the town of Elon have until the end of this month to pay their water bills. Residents that have not paid their bills by Nov. 3 will be disconnected from access to water, according to Town Manager Richard Roedner.  

NEWS 10/5/21 12:25am

Elon Votes! adapts during non-presidential election year

Elon Votes! spends each election year providing car rides to the polls, assisting with voting registration and educating others on the importance of participating in an election. This year with no presidential election to prepare for and no census to think about, Elon Votes! has an entirely different focus.  


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