Six candidates ran for the two open positions of soil and water conservation district supervisor, with Richard Reid winning with 24.03% of votes and Donna Vanhook winning with 20.97% of votes. 

According to the Alamance County soil and water conservation district, this position serves “to provide quality leadership and customer service for the citizens of Alamance County to promote protection and conservation of our natural resources.”

There are currently five district supervisors serving on the board, and the two board members whose terms were up ran for reelection. This is a nonpartisan race, and the board consists of three elected members and two appointed members.

Reid is one of two incumbents in this race, currently serving on the Alamance County Soil and Water Conservation District Board of Supervisors.

Reid did not respond to Elon News Network’s multiple requests for comment.

Kyra O'Connor | Elon News Network

Donna Vanhook '07 stands in front of the old Western Electric plant building in East Burlington, an area she hopes to develop as mayor. 

Vanhook said she feels strongly about representing her community and addressing issues of inequality. She previously ran for Mayor of Burlington and said with her continued interest in environmental issues, this position seemed to be a better fit for her.

“Work has continued because essentially, environmental issues tend to be unfortunately in Black and brown communities,” Vanhook said. “Not only is that unfortunate, it is also an injustice because of the nature of which we have to live, the environment in which we have to live, or essentially survive.”