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Betsy Schlehuber ‘25 is majoring in journalism and minoring in creative writing at Elon University. Outside of ENN, Schlehuber co-hosts a radio show through WSOE 89.3 and enjoys listening to music, hanging out with friends, drinking boba tea, and reading. During summer 2023, Schlehuber was the news intern at The Sun News in Myrtle Beach. After graduation, she hopes to be writing in any capacity.

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LIFESTYLE 10/9/23 8:27am

Autistic dancer at Elon University encourages accessibility in dance spaces

Freshman Maddie Milner grew up dancing, which served as an emotional outlet. But beneath the surface, it was also an autistic stim. Milner was diagnosed two years ago in May 2021. Now, she said she wants art spaces like dance studios to work on accommodating neurodivergent people. Milner said she was told as a child that she wasn’t autistic; she was just “quirky.” Yet, she was in therapy for all of elementary school to help her with social skills and texture sensitivities. Milner started dancing when she was three and stayed in the same dance studio until she graduated high school.

LIFESTYLE 9/28/23 9:24am

Southern Maryland-based musician drops single for debut EP at Elon University

Elon junior Tabby Spell released the second single for her upcoming debut EP Sept. 21. The song is called “Fallin’” and Spell said it tells the story of a boy she fell for in her freshman year at Elon, even though people around her were telling her it was a terrible idea. Spell describes the track as “poppier” and “peppier” than the rest of the EP, titled “Young.” Spell said while there is not an exact release date for the project, she is aiming for the end of this year.

LIFESTYLE 9/1/23 8:51am

Elon University students, professors value syllabus despite Moodle, courseware sites

Students have historically relied on syllabuses for assignments, readings, due dates and more. But with the introduction of coursework technology such as Moodle, where students can check assignments and due dates virtually, School of Law professor Sara Ochs said she mostly relies on trusting her students to read the syllabus.  Since she started teaching six years ago, Ochs said she has observed that college syllabuses have gotten longer and more complicated — tempting students to skim or skip reading vital information.

LIFESTYLE 8/28/23 8:22am

Elon University alum shares accomplishments, journey as a professional musician, producer

Elon University alum Matthew Clanton ‘18 shared with Elon News Network his accomplishments and journey as a professional musician and producer in Los Angeles. Clanton is Elon a cappella group Rip_Chord's former music director and vice president. He said he attributes his skills and his role as a freelance, self-employed musician to his time and experience in Rip_Chord. In 2021, Clanton collaborated with German EDM artist Neptunica, which blew up and is now sitting at roguhly 39 million streams. The two collaborated again in 2022 on a song that now sits at around 11 million streams.

LIFESTYLE 4/28/23 1:17pm

Elon University Student Undergraduate Research Forum highlights disability, neurodiversity

  Elon University’s Student Undergraduate Research Forum was held all day Tuesday. With no classes, students and faculty could visit oral presentations and poster sessions from students who completed or were almost complete with their respective research projects. This year, there were six research presentations that dealt with topics of disability and neurodiversity, a term that says brain differences are normal rather than deficits, according to Understood. Examples of neurodiversity include attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and autism. 

LIFESTYLE 4/28/23 11:05am

Elon University student starts YouTube channel teaching Spanish

When junior Dejour Banks was in middle school, he took Spanish as one of his required classes, and found that he had a gift.Banks grew up in Raleigh, which he said only contains pockets of Spanish speakers, so it wasn’t until years of practicing grammar and concepts when he had his first conversation with a fluent speaker. Banks said he couldn’t understand the speaker, but the experience is what pushed him to learn everything he could about the language.

LIFESTYLE 3/2/23 11:08am

Non-traditional Elon University nursing student pushes for older aged students to attend university, help others

As soon as  Eric Mulford graduated high school, he received his EMT certification. Shortly after that, he became a firefighter paramedic. Twenty two years later, he decided to attend nursing school at Elon University. Sophomore Mulford is the oldest nursing student in the first cohort at 41 years old and said he feels like a “big brother” to the other students.

LIFESTYLE 2/13/23 9:00am

Elon University dance program to host Black in the Theatre, Black History Month dance concert

Elon Dance partnered with the CREDE this year to put together this Black History Month Dance Concert called Black in the Theatre, directed by Keisha Wall, professor of dance at Elon. Together, they chose the theme “Black Renaissance” to celebrate Black art. Black in the Theatre has been put on at Elon since 2012 as part of Black History Month, but in 2020 — with Wall as the new director — they held their last in-person performance right before the COVID-19 pandemic placed concerts on pause. In 2021 and 2022, the performance was filmed with dancers wearing masks.

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