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Annemarie Bonner '23 is studying Journalism, with a minor in Psychology. She is a multimedia journalist for Elon News Network, in which she produces content for all three Elon News Network mediums. Bonner has found a passion for mental health stories, but also enjoys reporting on general news. When she is not reporting, Bonner works with Elonthon Dance Marathon, works at the Moseley Front Desk, and enjoys spending time with her family. One day, Annemarie hopes to be a professional journalist and pursue news in a local community. 

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NEWS 10/10/22 2:00pm

Billy D’s officially opens at Elon University

The new retail location was originally set to open at the beginning of fall semester, but was delayed due to issues with the general contractor, according to head chef and owner William Dissen. The location  soft launched Oct. 5 and will be open until 10 p.m. today. 

LIFESTYLE 9/8/22 9:08am

Street art blooms in downtown Elon

When public artist Mary Ryan wakes up early in the morning during a project week, she gathers her supplies, puts on her paint-covered shoes and says goodbye to her husband before heading off to paint alone for eight hours — this week, in downtown Elon. 

NEWS 9/6/22 6:13pm

How to avoid student loan relief scams

Since President Joe Biden announced his plan to provide $10,000 in debt cancellation for millions of Americans and up to $10,000 more for people with great financial need, there have been spam calls targeting people with student loans. Elon University’s Director of Information Security Gary Sheehan explained how to avoid scams, what to do if you receive a scam and ways to report these scams. 

NEWS 5/5/22 2:34pm

Elon University tutoring services feel lasting effects of pandemic

An April 2022 study by McKinsey and Company, a global management consulting company, found that students across the globe are eight months behind where they would have been academically without the pandemic. Analyzing this study, Danielle DaSilva, a calculus tutor at Elon University, said she’s worried about what the future could look like for incoming students. 

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