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NEWS 5/24/24 10:31am

Elon University class of 2024 triumphs at 134th commencement ceremony

Elon University’s class of 2024 took flight as phoenix officially joined the ranks of alumni at the 134th commencement ceremony on May 24 in Schar Center. Two ceremonies were held throughout the day, with the first kicking off at 9 a.m. and the second starting at 2:30 p.m. Senior Grace Ackermann, the first-ever nominated student commencement speaker, began the ceremony by remarking that it was the class of 2024’s first real graduation — since this year’s seniors graduated high school in 2020 amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

NEWS 5/23/24 9:25pm

Elon University’s eighth annual Donning of the Kente ceremony celebrates graduates, African heritage

At Elon’s eighth annual Donning of the Kente cloth on May 23, faculty readers read statements written by the person selected by the graduate. The ceremony recognized two masters students and a number of graduating seniors, who are encouraged to wear their stoles to their commencement ceremony tomorrow. Graduates had their stoles — made from the kente cloth — presented by a family member, friend or mentor. The cloth symbolizes prestige in many African societies and the stoles presented at the ceremony were handmade from Ghana, Randy Williams, vice president for inclusive excellence, said.

NEWS 5/23/24 3:31pm

New Title IX regulations coming to Elon University in fall 2024

New Title IX regulations are coming to Elon, effective Aug. 1, according to an email from Megan Karbley, director of compliance and Title IX coordinator. Title IX prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in education programs or activities receiving federal financial assistance, according to the United States Department of Education’s website. Some key points of the new regulations are enhanced protection for pregnancy, mandatory reporting of sex and gender-based harassment and expansion of response options, Karbley wrote.

NEWS 5/22/24 9:33pm

Elon University encourages graduate students to continue lifelong learning

If a 1971 Volkswagen Beetle progressed at the rate of technology today, the car could drive a million miles per hour, Andre Valcour, the graduate commencement address speaker, said. Valcour said because of how quickly technology is progressing, the only way to keep up is to continue aspiring to learn. Held on May 22, the commencement ceremony recognized graduates of Elon’s six graduate programs — masters of science in accounting and in business analytics, master of business administration, masters of arts in interactive media and higher education and master of education.

NEWS 5/22/24 3:56pm

Elon University celebrates success of first-generation seniors, people who supported their growth

When Gisselle Garcia-Jose was a freshman in high school, she did not believe she would be able to attend college. Now, as a first-generation, graduating senior and student keynote speaker at the first-generation stole ceremony, she said she is filled with gratitude for those who supported her and hopes to inspire others to achieve their dreams. During the ceremony on May 22, 36 first-generation, graduating seniors were recognized and presented with stoles by Elon mentors or friends. This event recognized students who are the first in their family to obtain a higher degree.

NEWS 5/13/24 10:48am

Elon’s class of 2028 marks most diverse in university history

Elon’s class of 2028 will be among the most diverse classes in university history, Greg Zaiser, vice president for enrollment, wrote in a statement to Elon News Network. This year the Free Application for Federal Student Aid has had delays due to changes in the system and glitches that have occurred. Due to delays in FAFSA, Elon has granted about 200 deposit extensions to incoming students, Zaiser wrote. As of May 4, the class of 2028 has 1,662 students and Zaiser wrote he expects closer to 1,700 students to commit.

NEWS 5/8/24 8:08pm

Elon aims to have 50% of its waste diverted by 2030

Elon has plans to divert 75% of its waste by 2037. Currently, the university is diverting 25%. Kendra Harrison, waste reduction and recycling manager, said it will take a lot of work for Elon to reach 75%. Sustainability has been integrated into Residence Life’s training, according to Elon’s website on sustainability. Sustainability has spread to other areas of campus in other ways, outside of just the office of sustainability, senior Lauren Hill, volunteer coordinator for the Office of Sustainability, said. But, students are not always aware of the waste they are generating and other ways Elon maintains sustainability, according to Hill.

LIFESTYLE 5/6/24 1:29pm

Research to rapid fire: Professor takes on Jeopardy

Professor Marko Saric, an antsy person by nature, said when he was competing on the set of Jeopardy, he felt like he was back in his room watching the show. Saric was on Jeopardy April 18 and continued on April 19. For Saric, being a professor did not necessarily translate to skills helpful for the game show. He instead prepared by looking through the J! Archive, a website created by fans with every single answer that has been on Jeopardy. From there Saric would go to Wikipedia to read up on things he didn’t know, he said.

NEWS 5/1/24 9:23am

Elon junior dies of brain cancer

Elon junior Talia Malinsky died around 5 p.m. on April 29 at the age of 21 surrounded by family. Her mother Irit Malinsky said she died from a recurrence of brain cancer. She has been on leave from Elon since last spring. The family is currently raising money to transport and bury Talia in Jerusalem. As of May 1, they were able to raise upward of $17,000 and will be leaving tonight for Israel. Talia, raised in an Israeli family, wanted to move to Israel after graduating from Elon, according to her dad Mark Malinsky.

NEWS 4/24/24 3:34pm

Office of sustainability hosts events across campus

Elon’s office of sustainability plans events throughout the year in collaboration with other student organizations, according to Kelly Harer, associate director of sustainability for education and outreach. Elon is focusing on improving sustainability efforts specifically waste reduction. A system Elon uses to measure its sustainability efforts is the Sustainability Tracking, Assessment and Rating System. Based on data from Elon’s submission Feb. 11, 2022, which is valid until March 16, 2025, Elon received a silver rating, earning 59.12 points out of 100. The points are broken down in different categories across academics, engagement, operations, planning and administration and innovation and leadership.

NEWS 4/19/24 6:21pm

Elon Board of Trustee member honored with Elon Medallion, renaming of Colonnades E in his honor

Noel Allen, after serving 40 years on the board of trustees, was honored with an Elon Medallion on April 19, the highest honor given by the university. Allen grew up in the town of Elon and then was a student at Elon where he served as the student body president.  Allen has witnessed Elon’s growth as an institution, joining the board when enrollment was under 3,000 students. Allen has been a part of every long range strategic plan, since he was a student member of President Emeritus J. Earl Danieley’s first planning committee in 1966, University President Connie Book said. Allen also served as board chair from 2001 to 2003, when Elon transitioned from a college to a university and adopted the Phoenix as its mascot, Book said.

NEWS 4/19/24 4:12pm

Elon University expansions leave off-campus residents scrambling

Her first night at Elon, junior Kelsey Eshleman was invited by members of Elon Young Life to a bonfire event at an off-campus house, affectionately nicknamed Full House. That night, Eshleman said she remembered thinking how cool it would be to live there with her newfound friends. Now, Eshleman is still close with many students she met her first night and is one of five people living in Full House. But after living in the house for this past year and signing her lease renewal for next academic year, Eshleman and her roommates received a message from their landlord in February — the house that had been a pass down in Elon’s Christian community for 15 years was no longer available to rent. 

NEWS 4/11/24 1:38pm

Elon University receives “A” from ADL on protecting students against antisemitism

Elon University was one of only two schools to receive an “A” from the Anti-Defamation League, based on policies protecting Jewish students from antisemitism on campus, Jewish student life and other factors. The report was released on April 11 and graded 85 universities and colleges in the United States. Thirteen schools received an “F,” including University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. The ADL focused on how Elon provided opportunities for students and faculty to learn about the Hamas’ attack following Oct. 7, 2023. As of the spring 2024 semester, 9.2% of Elon’s total student body population is Jewish.

NEWS 4/4/24 9:33pm

Following Jackson Yelle’s death, father returns to campus and raises money for MLB cause

A year after Elon junior Jackson Yelle was killed in a hit-and-run on a beach trip with his club baseball team, his father Scott Yelle honors his son’s memory through the Jackson Yelle Family Foundation and stays in close contact with the rest of the team. Scott came to Elon sporting Jackson’s worn baseball hat and a Boston Red Sox shirt with “Yelle” on the back — along with Jackson’s No. 2. Scott came to Elon on April 4 to watch a club baseball practice and visit with Jackson’s friends, who have meant so much to him and his family.

NEWS 3/19/24 11:11pm

Phoenix Free: Sobriety on campus

Months before coming to Elon, current senior Syd Danziger made the decision to become sober. Without fully knowing what that would entail, Danziger entered Elon University feeling isolated and striving to keep this aspect of their identity quiet. Now, Danziger is the president of Phoenix Free, Elon’s collegiate recovery community. Danziger said despite initial hesitation around making their sobriety part of their identity – having Phoenix Free as a community has been crucial to their college experience and sobriety. Elon is one of nine universities in North Carolina receiving funding from North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services for its collegiate recovery program.

NEWS 3/12/24 6:51pm

No students initially applied for student body president, application extended

Despite Elon’s Student Government Association working to recruit members to run in elections, no student applied to run for student body president. The application closed at 5 p.m. March 11. The organization met for a special meeting March 12 to amend the bylaws and extended applications for all SGA positions until 10 a.m. March 13. SGA initially extended the deadline to 10 a.m. March 12, but according to SGA election bylaws, the organization was not technically allowed to extend it without an election amendment approved by the senate, and no applications were accepted by the second deadline. 

NEWS 3/5/24 8:36pm

Mark Robinson campaign prepares for election results in Greensboro

With just under 2% of ballots cast in according to the North Carolina State Board of Elections, the Associated Press called the Republican Gubernatorial race in favor of Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson. The Democratic governor race was also called in favor of North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein, and the two will face off in the general election in November. Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson and his supporters awaited primary election results at a watch party in the gubernatorial nominee’s hometown of Greensboro. The polls closed at 7:30 p.m.

NEWS 2/25/24 11:08pm

Candlelight vigil commemorates Wyatt Outlaw, held behind Graham courthouse

Wade Harrison, member of the Alamance County Community Remembrance Coalition, said the lessons of Wyatt Outlaw are as relevant today as they were 154 years ago when he was lynched on Feb. 26, 1870 in Graham. Close to 70 people gathered at sunset on Feb. 25 on the eve of the anniversary of his murder. In 1869, the White Brotherhood, the white supremacist group that lynched Outlaw, made a show of force in Graham which demonstrated their power and disdain for law enforcement. Outlaw interfered with the event by firing shots into the air. One year later, he was lynched by the same group.

NEWS 2/8/24 11:12am

East Haggard Ave, Antioch closed due to gas leak

Traffic on East Haggard Ave. is closed from Antioch to Lawrence due to a gas leak, according to an E-Alert sent at approximately 11 a.m. At around 12:30 p.m., another E-Alert stated that traffic had reopened and access to Sheridan Place — which had also been blocked — is once again available. The Utility Company is on scene and repairs may take up to a couple of hours. Elon University facilities management said the leak is not on Elon's property and the town of Elon is working to fix this issue.

NEWS 2/8/24 8:19am

Elon University History, Memory committee strives for increased visibility on campus

One thing that has always amazed professor Amanda Kleintop is how quickly a place can lose its institutional memory. Kleintop came to Elon in the fall of 2022 — two years after Elon’s History and Memory committee released a report sharing stories from Elon’s history that have been historically overlooked. Since she came to Elon and began teaching with the report, she said few students are aware of Elon’s history and racial injustices that took place. This report was created with the goal of bringing healing to the university and those who have been excluded from its history. 

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