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Avery Sloan ‘25 is studying journalism with minors in political science and leadership studies. She currently is a multimedia reporter and copy editor and has previously served as the politics editor. When not in the newsroom, she can be found with her friends, reading, or rewatching Gilmore Girls. 

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NEWS 8/3/23 4:36pm

Construction begins for downtown Elon plaza

After announcing plans to create a permanent outdoor structure in downtown Elon two years ago, construction for the project began Aug. 3. According to town manager Rich Roedner, construction is scheduled to finish near the end of November.

NEWS 8/1/23 6:14pm

Lawsuit settled against Alamance County sheriff

Alamance County Sheriff Terry Johnson settled a lawsuit for $430,000 on July 28. Two parties, Aris Hines and Brandi Thomason, filed their suit against Johnson in 2019 after being arrested in 2016 for falsifying documents to enroll a student at Eastern Alamance High School. The student played basketball and football for the school — causing the school to be stripped of 28 football and basketball wins. Hines and Thomason alleged offenses of Felony Common Law Obstruction of Justice and Felony Obtaining Property by False Pretenses.

NEWS 7/10/23 4:41pm

Elon University to discontinue COVID-19 quarantine protocols, reporting positive test results

Elon University will discontinue its COVID-19 quarantine protocols, as well as reporting positive test results, for the 2023-24 school year. According to an email sent by Jon Dooley, vice president of student life, Elon is changing its testing protocol to reflect the federal emergency and World Health Organization’s declaration for COVID-19 — which ended in May. Dooley also clarified that COVID-19 related absences will now be addressed by individual faculty according to their syllabi.

NEWS 6/29/23 10:51am

Supreme Court rules to end affirmative action

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled to end affirmative action in the admission decision process of all universities and colleges, meaning institutions will no longer be allowed to consider race in the college admissions process. The Supreme Court has been debating affirmative action since 1978, when the court previously ruled that while universities could not make quotas, they could consider race in the admissions process. The court’s decision today goes against the precedents previously set. 

NEWS 6/24/23 1:58pm

Burlington hosts third annual pride parade, first with protestors

The City of Burlington hosts its third annual pride parade. Over 40 participants walked in the parade, while close to 15 protestors followed. According to parade organizer Eddie Talley, this is the first year protestors were present. "This is the first time we've had fans and this is my third year doing it,” Talley told Elon News Network. “It's kind of an honor for them to come." 

NEWS 6/13/23 11:31pm

Town council hears Elon University’s petition for new Hillel Center pavilion

Elon Town Council hears Elon University’s petition for new Hillel Center pavilion during its June 13 meeting. The pavilion will have a 1,766 square-foot open structure with a storage shed in the back and will be used for student gatherings. Council also held a public hearing for conditional rezoning, in which they reviewed a residential project request, Parc East, containing 44 single-family homes and 85 townhomes. The area is at the northeast intersection of University Drive and Shallowford Church Road.

NEWS 6/5/23 10:42pm

Elon Black Alumni Network prioritizes its community following social media troll

Elon's Black Alumni Network prioritizes its community and highlights its support for Black alumni after a social media troll account titled “Elon White Alumni” mimicked EBAN's presence and mission to unite and represent the interests of Black alumni by empowering, connecting and celebrating Elon’s Black community.  The account contains posts dedicated to “celebrating white excellence at Elon University” and “triggering and trolling” other users who are upset by the rhetoric promoted on the page. In the account description, it contains the hashtags “WeAreEwan” and “parody.”

NEWS 5/18/23 3:58pm

Elon University Celebremos honors Latinx, Hispanic graduates

Elon University Celebremos event honors Latinx, Hispanic graduates with stole presentations and words from seniors, faculty and alumni. The bilingual ceremony took place May 18 in the upstairs Lakeside meeting rooms, where hispanic students reflected on their inclusion and experiences in Elon's El Centro community. Graduating seniors were presented their stoles and thanked their family, friends and faculty members for supporting them through their time at Elon.

NEWS 5/17/23 12:30am

Elon University celebrates class of 2023 through baccalaureate ceremony

The Numen Lumen Senior Baccalaureate was held May 16 in the Alumni Gym. The ceremony included reflections and readings from seniors, music, prayer and a candlelight ceremony. Seniors were each given an oak sapling to symbolize their time and growth at Elon, as freshmen are given an acorn during New Student Convocation to begin their Elon experience. 

NEWS 5/8/23 10:30am

Elon University Trustee Emeritus Jack Lindley dies at 88

Elon University Trustee Emeritus Jack Lindley died May 5 at the age of 88. Lindley served 17 years as a trustee and five as trustee emeritus. He was a member of Elon’s Order of the Oak, Elon’s giving society. He and his wife, Dorothy, created the Jack R. and Dorothy C. Lindley Scholarship to support Alamance County students attending Elon.  

NEWS 4/26/23 10:58am

Elon University earns voter friendly campus distinction

For the second year in a row, Elon was designated a voter friendly campus in a project started in partnership with Fair Election’s Center’s Campus Vote Project and Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education. Elon was one of 14 North Carolina schools given this designation and one of 258 schools nationwide.Elon Votes announced this designation April 16 and Co-lead Voting Ambassador Ruby Radis said this designation was earned in part due to the work her organization put into making voting easier for students. 

NEWS 4/22/23 7:46pm

Republican Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson announces 2024 gubernatorial bid

Republican Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson announced his bid in the 2024 race for North Carolina governor April 22 in Alamance County. Robinson is the first Black lieutenant governor in North Carolina, serving since 2021, and hopes to be North Carolina’s first Black governor. He is the second Republican to declare his gubernatorial bid in North Carolina, behind State Treasurer Dale Fowell. Robinson brought up issues of the economy and supporting working class families and protecting teachers. Robinson said he is running to represent average North Carolinians as he understands the struggles working class families face. 

NEWS 4/20/23 7:45am

Elon University Indigenous students strive for land acknowledgements

According to Paula Patch, NASA’s adviser and professor of English, the organization has about 13 people on its roster, but only four to five members are active. Patch said she feels the organization is an important space to have on campus, even with low attendance. NASA mainly functions as an internal group to talk about problems people have noticed and then to advocate for the change they want to see. Part of this is to increase land acknowledgements on campus events.

NEWS 4/4/23 10:02pm

Elon Town Council approves Link Transit expansion

Elon Town Council voted to begin operating Link Transit within the town of Elon on May 22. The town will spend $3,152 this fiscal year to operate the free-to-ride public bus service and set aside $28,347 for next fiscal year. This is a pilot program, and Mayor Emily Sharpe said after seeing how many people in the town use the program, the council will assess if they want to continue the service. 

NEWS 3/30/23 10:10pm

Former President Donald Trump indicted March 30

A Manhattan grand jury voted to indict former President Donald Trump March 30. The charges are for paying hush money to adult film star Stormy Daniels in his 2016 campaign, the first time a former president of the U.S. has been indicted. The felony indictment was filed under seal by the Manhattan district attorney and Trump has not been arrested yet and the specific charges have not been announced yet. 

NEWS 3/27/23 9:57pm

Elon Town Council approves future purchase of new ladder truck

Fire Chief Landon Massey asked Elon’s Town Council to fund the $2 million purchase of a new ladder truck. During the March 27 town council meeting, the council voted to approve the purchase for the new truck in 2025, which is when payment would start. The council’s vote today did not determine where the money would come from.  Massey said there is an option to prepay for the truck, meaning the town would pay the entire cost before getting the truck. The benefit to this option would be a discount of $81,500. Both Massey and Town Manager Rich Roedner did not recommend this option. 

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