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Avery Sloan ‘25 is studying journalism, political science and leadership studies at Elon University. Sloan is the politics editor at Elon News Network, ensuring coverage of Student Government and Board of Aldermen meetings, and events of the surrounding Elon area. Sloan is particularly passionate about providing news coverage to spaces that Elon students and people in the Elon community would not have access to, and hopes to continue learning more about journalism both in and out of ENN to better figure out her life trajectory. Outside of reporting, Sloan is usually listening to music, hanging out with friends or watering her multitude of plants.

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NEWS 1/12/22 12:58am

BD Wong visits Elon University

Tony Award-winning actor BD Wong shared his experiences as both an Asian American and gay man for Elon University’s speaker series on Jan. 11. Wong served as the Martin Luther King Jr. commemorative address speaker. 

LIFESTYLE 1/2/22 10:13am

BEST OF: Grocery Store

Best Of is an annual publication by Elon News Network that surveys students, faculty, staff and the general community on their favorite dining, entertainment outlets, academics and more.     

NEWS 11/5/21 12:36am

Elon University students have one week to submit flu vaccination records before Phoenix card deactivation, disenrollment

SGA members heard the flu vaccination update from Dean of Students Jana Lynn Patterson during a Student Government Association meeting on Thursday, in addition to hearing from Vice President for Strategic Initiatives Jeff Stein, who informed students there would be a clinic on campus after Thanksgiving for students to receive booster shots of the Pfizer-BioTech COVID-19 vaccine. 

NEWS 10/25/21 1:15pm

Childcare difficulties push Elon University professors to seek university assistance

Childcare in the town of Elon is a challenge for communications professor Kathleen Stansberry, and has been a consistent struggle since Elon University shut down in March 2020, the same time her three kids were also sent home from Elon Elementary.  But even after the return to in-person learning, this experience has only continued for Stansberry, and other faculty members are facing it too.  

NEWS 10/5/21 12:25am

Elon Votes! adapts during non-presidential election year

Elon Votes! spends each election year providing car rides to the polls, assisting with voting registration and educating others on the importance of participating in an election. This year with no presidential election to prepare for and no census to think about, Elon Votes! has an entirely different focus.  

NEWS 9/30/21 12:06am

SexEU begins at Elon University

SexEU is a new organization at Elon with the goal of creating comprehensive sex education with a focus on marginalized identities, specifically including Black, Latinx, and LGBTQIA+ individuals. 

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