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NEWS 2/14/24 7:46am

Mediterranean Deli expected to open early March

Mediterranean Deli is expected to open the first week of March, according to owner Jamil Kadoura. The original Mediterranean Deli was located beneath Park Place. When it closed in fall 2022, members of the Elon community were disappointed by the facility’s closure. But on July 22, 2023, there was a fire at the Mediterranean Deli location on Chapel Hill. After the fire, Kadoura chose to prioritize the repair of the Chapel Hill location, and pushed back the opening of the Elon location. Now, Mediterranean Deli will replace the Acorn Coffee Shop, which moved to Belk Library.

NEWS 12/8/23 3:16pm

Gilded Bean Coffee Bar to close Dec. 23

Charles Beard, owner of The Gilded Bean Coffee Bar, announced on Facebook that the store would be closing Dec. 23. According to Beard, the location is being renovated  between January 2024 to June 2024. For friends Gretchen Pete and Coral Erikson, visiting the Gilded Bean Coffee Bar has become a staple of their weekly routine. The two said they would travel all the way from Burlington and Graham, respectively, to Gibsonville — where the coffee bar is stationed — and catch up with each other over coffee and treats.

LIFESTYLE 10/31/23 11:59am

Elon Community gathers for pumpkin festival

Elon University’s garden studio class hosted its annual Pumpkin Festival on Oct. 27. Visitors gathered around the community garden entrance as they participated in a variety of activities and explored what the Elon Community Garden had to offer. The event started slowly, with more visitors arriving at the garden as the minutes went by. Within the first 30 minutes, the garden was filled with dozens of visitors, both from the Elon Community and outside of Elon. Pumpkin carving in particular was one of the more popular activities.

NEWS 10/26/23 12:01pm

Garden studio class hosts Pumpkin Festival for Elon community

Elon University environmental studies professor Michael Strickland will host an annual Pumpkin Festival at 2:30 PM on Oct 27 at the Elon Community Garden located behind the Hillel house at 401 E. College Ave. The festival is a part of Strickland’s garden studio class, ENS 2200, in which visitors will be able to see the fruits of the students’ labor — as well as participate in activities such as face painting, spikeball and pumpkin carving.

NEWS 10/11/23 8:33am

NC Jelly Donuts temporarily closes because of malfunctioning equipment

According to the automatic voice messaging system of NC Jelly Donuts, the fryer at the 3260 S. Church St. Burlington location started to malfunction — causing the business to temporarily close. The new fryer will be arriving on Oct. 16 and the store is scheduled to reopen Oct. 17. Owen Crider, an Elon University sophomore, said he was more than disheartened when he heard NC Jelly Donuts is temporarily closed, which has been the case since Oct. 3.

NEWS 10/10/23 10:22pm

Elon University Admissions impress visiting families

Elon has an undergraduate enrollment of around 6,000 students — a 13% increase from the 5200 undergraduate students it had roughly a decade ago in 2012. According to the Registrar's report, Elon sees an increase of roughly 100 students each year. Therefore, as Elon’s student body grows in size, new dorms such as the one being built in East neighborhood are being constructed in order to accommodate new incoming students. This growth can be accredited to how Elon is portrayed to potential students, according to Greg Zaiser, Vice President for Enrollment.

NEWS 9/24/23 5:38pm

Intersect Conference facilitates conversations about diversity at Elon University

According to Sylvia Muñoz, Director of the Center for Race, Ethnicity and Diversity Education, before students graduate and are sent out into the world, it is important for Elon University to give them all the tools needed to succeed. Muñoz said she believes events such as the Intersect Conference achieve this goal by providing students with the skills and knowledge needed to make students global citizens. The theme for this year’s conference is “Look Out for Yourself. Look Out for Each Other. Look Out for Our Future.” 

NEWS 9/1/23 10:14am

Elon University approves Glean for 2023-24 academic year

After a pilot program last year, Elon University has approved Glean, a browser-based note taking application, as an additional accommodation resource for the 2023-24 academic year. Students with approved note taking accommodations through Disabilities Resources will have access to Glean, which records the audio of the professor’s lecture and maintains notes in a centralized area for more efficient studying. According to Associate Provost of Academic Affairs Jennifer Platania, students with note taking accommodations were reliant on peer notetakers before Glean was introduced to Elon. 

NEWS 5/5/23 1:08pm

Elon University Native American Student Association calls for awareness for injustice towards missing and murdered indigenous women

Elon University sophomore Aubee Billie is a member of the Seminole Tribe in Florida. She said crimes toward Indigenous women are often overlooked, and this issue affects how they can live their lives. Billie doesn’t wear her traditional clothes in fear that someone may harm her in some way, shape or form. This, however, is a norm for many native women, Billie said.

NEWS 5/4/23 1:09pm

Elon University Native American Student Association hosts missing and murdered Indigenous women event

Elon University will host a fundraising event to spread awareness for missing and murdered Indigenous women at 5:30 p.m. May 4 in Medallion Plaza. The Native American Student Association, the Gender & LGBTQIA Center, the Center for Race, Ethnicity and Diversity Education and the Truitt Center for Religious and Spiritual Life have all collaborated to organize the event.

NEWS 5/3/23 11:32am

Patsy Simpson resigns from the Alamance-Burlington School System Board of Education

Patsy Simpson officially resigned from the Alamance-Burlington School System Board of Education, despite a previous announcement that she would not step down until learning how the board would be finding her replacement. Simpson has expressed her plans to retire since March; however, the board’s lack of transparency regarding the selection process of her replacement caused her to rescind her resignation.

NEWS 2/10/23 1:34am

Elon University communications focuses branding on storytelling

During Elon University’s Student Government Association’s town hall in the Moseley Student Center on Feb. 9, Mike Haskins, vice president of university communications, discussed Elon’s brand with students and how it impacts the school. Haskins said Elon’s brand is its story. Haskins said one of the reasons building a brand is crucial is because it helps build its reputation, making more students interested in attending the university. Haskins said Elon’s brand is important, as it increases students’ future career opportunities by increasing its name recognition. 

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