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Anjolina Fantaroni ‘26 is studying journalism, leadership studies, and forensic sciences at Elon University. Fantaroni serves as the Social Media Director at Elon News Network. As a multimedia reporter, Fantaroni focuses on local news stories around the community. When she is not reporting, Fantaroni enjoys performing with the Elon Muses, working in Admissions, and going to the aquarium. 

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LIFESTYLE 5/7/23 1:56pm

Elon Community Garden hosts 14th Strawberry Festival

Elon University's Community Garden held its annual Strawberry Festival on Friday. The festival, which is now in its 14th year, celebrates the spring season and the fruit that comes with it. The festival took place in the Community Garden, located on East College Avenue, between Hillel and the Powell House. The garden is a student-run project that promotes sustainable agriculture and provides fresh produce to the local community.

NEWS 4/27/23 9:25am

North Carolina House proposed bill to ban nearly all abortions

The Human Life Protection Act of 2023, proposed in the North Carolina House, would ban nearly all abortions, except when a mother’s life is in danger. Republican Rep. Keith Kidwell was joined by Reps. Ben Moss and Ed Goodwin in filing House Bill 533 last month, which prohibits abortion except in cases that would result in a mother’s death or “impairment of a major bodily function.” 

NEWS 4/7/23 2:38pm

Elon University Moseley Student Center closes sections due to flooding

A rusted pipe in the second floor universal bathroom of the Moseley Student Center caused chaos Thursday afternoon when water flooded out of the bathroom. The water flooded the bathroom and upstairs hallway including inside the Center for Leadership office for about fifteen minutes until maintenance could shut the pipe off. The water came down from the second floor onto the first through the elevator, which is now out of use. Moseley Student Center released a statement that if anyone needs the elevator, front desk workers will call a provided number to start the elevator.

LIFESTYLE 2/25/23 9:26pm

Elon University raises $48K during Relay for Life

Elon University students honored survivors, fighters, caregivers and those who have lost their lives to cancer with the annual event, Relay for Life Friday. For twelve consecutive hours, members of the campus community including fraternities, sororities and service based organizations participated in the event that raised $48,985.14. 

NEWS 11/6/22 12:58pm

Elon University's Innovation Quad continues to impress 2 months in

Located beside the McMichael Science Center, the Innovation Quad opened its doors in August as a hub for both studying and bringing new engineering resources to Elon. Within its facilities, the building contains Founders Hall, Hunt Atrium, the Advanced Prototype Lab and many other classrooms and study spaces where students can collaborate effectively. 

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