For the first time, there is an early voting location in the town of Elon. Elon University’s South Gym was added as a polling place by the Alamance County Board of Elections in July. Now, voters registered in Alamance County can cast their votes on campus. 

Town of Elon resident Joan Kimbro has lived in Alamance County her whole life and her daughter works for Elon, but she hasn’t been over to south campus before until now. 

“There was no reason not to come and vote early when all you had to do was come right up the street and vote,” Kimbro said when she voted at South Gym. 

Holly Hill Mall used to be one of the early voting locations in the county. However this year, the mall is under construction, isn’t being used as a location and needed to be replaced. Alamance County Board of Elections Director Dawn Hurdle said the board was looking for a place that was centrally located. 

As of the 2020, the most recent data, the voting rate of registered students at Elon was 82%. 

The Alamance County Board Of Elections said picking a polling location on Elon’s campus was not purposely an effort to increase voter turnout among college students. 

Voters like Laparys Phillips said parking was easy and the line was short, making it convenient.

“Voting is something I cherish. Something I think is very important,” Phillips said. “However, time is often limited. I have a nine year old, she has soccer practice. So thinking about the logistics of getting voting in after having a very busy day and then a busier afternoon, location matters.”

Phillips said this was the fastest voting experience she’s ever had. She said she plans to vote here from now on.

Kimbro said her voting experience was quick, easy and safe. She encouraged young people to vote in elections because she said it’s a privilege.

“If you care about your country and you care about things that are going on, you’ve got to stand up for what you think is right, and you’ve got to vote people in that are in line with how you feel things should be run,” Kimbro said. 

Early voting is open until Nov. 5. Election day is Nov. 8.