Democrat Valerie Foushee has won the House of Representatives seat for North Carolina District 4 against her opponent, Republican Courtney Geels, winning 66.71% of the vote with all precincts reported as of 10:47 p.m. 

Foushee will replace incumbent David Price, who is retiring from politics. He has served in the House of Representatives from 1987 to 1995 and from 1997 to present. 

Foushee served in the North Carolina State Senate since 2013. Geels, a former nurse, was running for office for the first time.

In a previous interview with Elon News Network, Foushee said that if she got elected to the House of Representatives, she would work across party lines in order to advocate for her constituents.

“It's about working with others. It's not about what I can do because certainly I can't do anything alone,” Foushee said. “As we talk about what's best for the people whom we serve, there are points of intersection.”

Following the 2020 census, North Carolina was redistricted, resulting in counties moving districts and the creation of District 14. Alongside District 14, District 4, District 1 and District 13 were races where an incumbent didn’t run again.

Rep. Ted Budd ran for Senate instead of rerunning for District 13. Alamance County moved from District 13 to District 4 for the 2022 midterm elections. District 13 leans Republican, while District 4 is solid Democrat. This shift in political power could result in more liberal policies in dealing with COVID-19, abortion rights and inflation affecting Alamance County. 

Shifts in political power could also happen outside of Alamance County. According to Ballotpedia, Republicans need to gain seats in five districts all across the country to win a majority in the House of Representatives.