NEWS 11/11/19 8:27pm

The search for a town manager

A seven-month search is coming to a close in the town of Elon for its next town manager. The Board of Aldermen has offered the town manager position to one of the two final candidates.

NEWS 11/11/19 1:51pm

Class of 1969 celebrates half-century anniversary

Fifty years ago, Elon University was a very different campus than it is today. Students at the time were faced with the presence of the Vietnam War and the beginnings of nationwide anti-war movements, accompanied by the early stages of countercultures such as the hippie movement. 

NEWS 11/8/19 12:52pm

ENN Radio Nov. 8, 2019

This week's episode of ENN Radio is all about politics in Alamance County. Mackenzie Wilkes breaks down the election results for the Elon Board of Aldermen race and the city of Burlington mayoral race. Maeve Ashbrook tells us the state of the search for Elon's new town manager.

NEWS 11/6/19 8:12am

Peeling back identification

Senior Sophia Giuffre went to Circle K to purchase a case of White Claws and a water bottle when an employee behind the counter began peeling the edges of her license. The employee thought the ID was fake.

NEWS 11/5/19 10:20pm

Baltutis wins third term as mayor of Burlington

Ian Baltutis — an Elon University alumnus —won the mayoral election for the city of Burlington. With all precincts reporting Baltutis has won with 66.54% of the votes according to the unofficial election results from the North Carolina State Board of Elections.