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Emmanuel Morgan, from Charlotte, is News Editor for Elon News Network. He is a Journalism major with minors in Marketing and Spanish. When Emmanuel is not writing, he enjoys working out and socializing with friends.

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Duke's Allen trips Elon's Santa Ana, sparking controversy

12/22/16 9:52am

GREENSBORO — Duke University junior guard Grayson Allen didn't burry too many shots on Wednesday, but he did plunge his head into a Gatorade towel. After a season last year that involved tripping two opponents, the Blue Devil has gone on record saying he wants to brighten his image, which has been marred with a dirty player stereotype. The exact opposite happened against Elon University.

Elon can't keep early lead in 72-61 loss to #5 Duke

12/21/16 6:29pm

GREENSBORO — If the Elon University men's basketball game against Duke University Wednesday night was in March and only lasted a half, a lot of brackets would have been burned. But after leading 35-34 at halftime, the Phoenix was unable to maintain its early momentum in the second half, losing to the No. 5 Blue Devils 72-61 at the Greensboro Coliseum.

New York voters make plea with North Carolina Millennials, minorities

11/8/16 3:36pm

HARLEM, NEW YORK — Danielle Jones' early morning jog route around the streets of Harlem today included a pit stop she doesn't take every day — a polling location. Whatever heart rate she was monitoring on her iPhone app relaxed for a few minutes while she waited in line to vote, and afterward, she placed a sticker on her Nike sweatshirt to reaffirm to those who passed by that she committed her greatest American civic duty on Election Day.

Issues in North Carolina play vital role in national election

11/2/16 8:00am

North Carolina’s 15 Electoral College votes may seem trivial compared to the 270 total needed to win the United States presidency, but the votes placed in the state Nov. 8 will have a significant impact in deciding the next Commander-in-Chief. Since July, campaigns for both Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican nominee Donald Trump have reflected the state’s high value, as each has made regular appearances. Clinton has even sent surrogates, including President Barack Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama and former President Bill Clinton, to energize voters.

Elon, ABSS in informal talks about Elon Elementary School land

10/11/16 12:17pm

Elon University President Leo Lambert and ABSS Superintendent Bill Harrison have informally discussed a deal where the university would acquire Elon Elementary School, Harrison admitted after being accused of secrecy at an Oct. 10 Alamance-Burlington Board of Education meeting, according to the Burlington Times-News. As part of the deal, Elon would give ABSS land to build a new elementary school.

Latest Elon Poll shows Clinton edging Trump, stark divide over protests and police treatment of blacks

10/4/16 12:31pm

The latest Elon University Poll released Tuesday shows Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton edging Republican nominee Donald Trump by nearly six percentage points in North Carolina, while Democrat Roy Cooper is edging Republican Pat McCrory 48 percent to 44 percent in the governor’s race. The poll also asked potential voters about the treatments of African-Americans by police in light of the recent protests in Charlotte over the killing of Keith Lamont Scott last month.

Kathleen Parker, after summer controversy and student petition, to speak Oct. 4

10/3/16 5:35pm

The fall semester at Elon University has just started this, but this summer, Kathleen Parker was the catalyst for many Elon students grumbling about certain aspects of the upcoming school year— complaints that were more serious and ethically challenging than homework and exams. A planned Baird Pulitzer Prize lecture in October from Parker, a syndicated Washington Post columnist, was met with hostility among the Elon community as more than 300 students, alumni and others signed a petition asking the school to cancel the event, according to the Greensboro News and Record.

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