OPINIONS 4/18/24 12:21pm

OPINION: Elon’s Mobile Order system isn’t great — here’s how

When a student orders food on Elon Dining’s mobile app from any of the nine on-campus vendors, they might notice a number indicating how long it would take for it to be ready. These can range from four minutes to over 250 minutes.  “The only thing is the time doesn’t really match up,” freshman Josie Schultz said. “Sometimes it says 36 minutes, when it’s actually 12.”  Near the mobile order pickup at Village Juice, sophomore Delaney Dickinson picked up her order. 

OPINIONS 3/17/24 1:49pm

OPINION: Elon University's silent streets: Closer look at lack of public activism

On a small corner of green in Young Commons lies the Speakers’ Corner. All public demonstrations are supposed to be concentrated here. Events can be planned and registered to the university, but it rarely happens. The corner is virtually always empty. The campus is too. In 2024, we face an election and global upheaval. There has been the occasional protest, but they are not part of the daily rhythm of the university. Elon’s administration has fostered debate, but you don’t see overwhelming input from the students.

OPINIONS 3/2/24 3:52pm

OPINION: Victims of imagination: how does tech use affect loneliness at Elon?

Gen Z is the loneliest generation to ever attend college. In 2023, A Cigna report found that Gen Z was “far lonelier” than older generations, in Cigna’s most recent loneliness index, 79% of young adults feel lonely. For many of us, this is not surprising at all. One explanation is that we are the generation with the most media at our fingertips. According to dcdx, a Gen Z advocacy organization, our average daily screen time is seven hours and seven minutes. We spend well over one-third of our waking hours on our phones.

OPINIONS 4/21/23 12:26pm

OPINION: Future educators have a disproportionate burden to bear

Editor's Note: The content of this editorial includes discussion of gun violence in schools. The national climate has rendered mass shootings an inescapable reality. These situations illustrate the horror of gun violence that educators face today. Teachers are shouldering some of the biggest problems in the country — from the COVID-19 pandemic creating an educational rift to gun violence increasing in classrooms. 

OPINIONS 4/12/23 8:00am

OPINION: The war for insulin affordability isn't over yet

I was distributing newspapers on the morning of March 1, 2023, when my earbuds suddenly paused my Taylor Swift playlist to bombard me with a breaking news alert: Eli Lilly, one of the biggest insulin producers in the world, had decided to cap their out-of-pocket prices at $35 a month. I was standing in the middle of Global Commons, holding dozens of papers, when I broke down in tears at the sight of my phone. At that moment, an NBC news alert changed the trajectory of my life and informed me I could now afford to pursue my dreams. 

OPINIONS 3/15/23 2:05pm

SAMUELS: I won’t be playing Hogwarts Legacy

It felt like the internet was constantly reminding me of the existence of Hogwarts Legacy for the length of 2022, trying to sweep me up into the hype for the game. On Feb. 10, Portkey Games released the long anticipated Hogwarts Legacy to gamers and “Harry Potter” fans all across the world. Despite being such an influential intellectual property, The Wizarding World is no world I want a part of, especially not for $70. 

OPINIONS 2/6/23 9:22am

OPINION: Affirmative action is much-needed policy

The college application and admissions procedures are stressful for almost every high school upperclassman; introducing anxieties over the many different necessities that go into the decision-making process. This struggle is often amplified for students of color; whilst most students struggle with primarily school-related issues such as grades and making the most of their college essays, many students of color must account for the possible discrimination they may encounter in the process based on their names or even their socioeconomic status.

OPINIONS 7/13/22 2:38pm

Elon Watches: Obi-Wan Kenobi

The show follows Obi-Wan Kenobi, played by Ewan McGregor, as he eludes the Empire after the events of the prequel trilogy. Princess Leia, played by Vivien Lyra Blair, is kidnapped, and Kenobi must come out of hiding to rescue her and bring her back to Alderaan. All the while, Kenobi is hunted by the Second Sister, played by Moses Ingram, and Darth Vader, played by Hayden Christensen.

OPINIONS 6/20/22 11:03am

ELON WATCHES: “Jurassic World: Dominion”

Universal has put a slew of writers and directors up to the task of adapting Micheal Crichton’s excellent sci-fi novel, and out of the six films they have made, only two of them have been successful at catching lightning in a bottle. 

OPINIONS 6/6/22 1:27pm

2022 summer reading guide

From reading on vacation to a few pages before bed, the summer can be the perfect time to dive into a new book. Whether you’re rolling out a towel on the beach or in your backyard, Elon News Network has five books to add to your “to-be-read” pile this summer.

OPINIONS 5/20/22 8:05am

Letters from ENN's graduating seniors: Baylor Rodman

Four years ago, when I set my sights on colleges, I sought-out a place that contained three main pillars— community, tradition, and opportunity. Just walking across this campus, those markers shine bright. Walking around constantly seeing people you know, and those you’ll soon get to know over your four years.