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NEWS 2/14/19 8:00am

Musical theatre students to present ‘Once on This Island’

A timely production showcasing some of the most celebrated and cherished elements of black culture will open Thursday, Feb. 14, in McCrary Theatre. Elon University’s musical theatre production of “Once on This Island” utilizes African dancing, drums and storytelling as motifs throughout the show.

NEWS 10/22/18 12:45pm

Mold and mildew in Virginia dorms

Students say they are more than frustrated with the mold outbreak in Virginia. This issue started earlier in the semester, but the roommates say they didn't receive help until Fall Break. 

NEWS 8/4/18 9:58am

Power Outage on Elon's Campus

Hit with a string of rain and thunderstorm over the past few days Elon is now facing a power outage throughout most of campus.  According to Alamance Communications, falling trees hit power lines causing the power outage. 

NEWS 9/13/17 10:11pm

Elon students from Virgin Islands react to Irma

Hurricane Irma has passed, but students on campus personally affected by the storm are still trying to figure out what happened back home.  Elon University sophomore Chantrisse Howard is a St. Thomas native and first heard from her family three hours before the storm hit. Her mom told her only the windows were broken.  Another three days passed until Howard heard from her family again. 

NEWS 11/9/16 12:57am

Ross does not win NC Senate

RALEIGH — Democratic candidate for the U.S. Senate Deborah Ross will not be the next Senator of North Carolina. Ross received the results of the senatorial campaign today at the Marriott City Town Center in Raleigh.

NEWS 11/2/16 8:00am

Millennial voter turnout to play pivotal role in election

Millennials make headlines daily for social media crazes and popular trends, but on Nov. 8, they could also make headlines for their influence in the ballot box. According to a recent Pew Research Center analysis, millennials — adults born between 1981 and 1997 — are predicted to outnumber the baby boomer generation in voter turnout this election year.

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